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Alison Mcrobbie - founder

Hi and welcome to Digiteachonline. I started Digi-teAch® to help anyone start their online education business because I feel education is so powerful in the world today and online education definitely removes so many barriers to learning and teaching that were formerly there.

Here you will find useful articles, videos,  training, tutoring opportunities and of course the Teacherpreneur Evolution program which is my own professional mentoring programme, along with a few smaller, entry level, low cost courses.

A little bit about me and my background:

  • I was a former resident blogger for many years, for one of J.K Rowlings (if you don’t know who this author is, shame on you!) organisations.
  • Some of my articles have been featured worldwide in magazines, including writing for Sammy Miller Motorcycles.
  • I have a range of educational award-winning books.
  • I’ve been an amazon best seller twice.
  • I’ve taught in many countries everything from 1-1 lessons, to University seminars.
  • I wrote a pioneering, Modern Foreign Language Curriculum for UK schools.
  • Over the years, I have created a few brands for my educational businesses and now help others create and grow theirs.
  • Some of my brands are monetised by major platforms like facebook®.
  • When I’m not writing, teaching or mentoring, I’m diving into finding out more about amazing tech gadgets.

If you are looking for a brighter and more rewarding future, you are in the right place.


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