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How to become a Teacherpreneur: Courses for Teacherpreneurs

What course should I take to become a Teacherpreneur? To become a Teacherpreneur you must know what subject you are going to teach or educate others in as well as having the relevant skills and knowledge that most entrepreneurs have so that you can execute and successfully create and sell your own products and services in the commercial world. Teacherpreneurs often take courses in digital marketing and e-commerce.


Teach English online easily and successfully with this great book which really recommends. It is brimming with info and ideas on how to teach english online. Are you thinking about earning money teaching English? Buy The Ultimate ESL Teaching Manual and discover a skill that will serve you for the rest of your life.…

5 reasons why you need to take the Teacherpreneur Challenge course (from idea to income)

A Teacherpreneur is often someone that comes from an educational background and wants to create their own business by using their educational skills to help others by creating useful products and services. There are many types of Teacherpreneurs and most of them today are online Teacherpreneurs who earn their income online. You don’t have to come from an academic teaching background and in my many years of working as a Teacherpreneur before

How to make your online lessons better: Manycam Tutorial for beginners

Manycam is a FREE software that most online teachers use today. Discover you can use Manycam to achieve lots of additional effects for a more interesting lesson or online meeting. Find out in this tutorial, ow to create playlists. How to create effects, how to create custom resources for online teaching, how to use this software to live stream and lots more. Watch the full tutorial here …

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