Googles foldable phone

Googles Pixel Fold: The Worlds first Foldable split screen phone

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Googles foldable phone
Image credit: Google

 Exciting Unfolds in the Pixel Universe! The Google Pixel Fold has already dazzled the tech world with its innovative design and stellar features. But hold onto your hats, because the tech giant seems to be cooking up something even more spectacular in the foldable phone arena!

New discoveries hint at another groundbreaking device in the Pixel family, and it’s shrouded in mystery and potential.

Join us as we dive into the clues, explore the possibilities, and dream about what might be the next big thing in foldable technology from Google. Your sneak peek into the future of foldables starts right here!  #GooglePixel #FoldableFuture”

The Google Pixel Fold has notably marked its presence in the realm of foldable phones and could be one fo the worlds best foldable phones, impressively showcasing Google’s initial foray into this innovative technology. Now, the intrigue builds around what might be next in Google’s foldable phone series, with emerging evidence hinting at another foldable Pixel under development.

9to5Google’s investigators have discovered a new Pixel device, codenamed “Comet”, in the pipeline. Interestingly, they have inferred that this is not a new addition to the Pixel 8 series, as all devices in that series bear dog-related names, while the Pixel 9 is anticipated to adopt reptilian codenames.

Moreover, code within the Pixel Buds companion app identifies the Comet device as “fold” and associates it with the original Pixel Fold (also known as Felix). However, the nature of this upcoming foldable device remains a mystery, as the Pixel Buds code doesn’t divulge much.

The specifics of these upgrades would largely hinge on the phone’s launch timeline, with new hardware likely mirroring that of the most recent Pixel flagship, as seen with the Pixel Fold and Pixel 7.

Alternatively, Google might unveil a clamshell-style foldable, akin to the Moto Razr+ or Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5. A prior leak suggested that Google might introduce a clamshell-style foldable sometime in 2025. Additionally, in response to queries about a foldable Pixel flip phone, Google Pixel product manager George Hwang shared that Google consistently explores various technologies and devices. While not a direct confirmation, it does imply the possibility of such a device, though its existence and launch timeline remain uncertain.

This new information raises more questions than it answers regarding Google’s future plans for Pixel foldables. Nonetheless, it’s reassuring to see indications of a continued future for the lineup, affirming that the Pixel Fold was not a singular venture.

As we await further details, the launch of the Pixel 8 series is on the horizon. For insights into what might be unveiled, explore our Made by Google event preview our fav Google picks here.

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