How to sell Your Own Digital Educational Products to make money online: From your Own websiteo

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If you’re looking for an opportunity to sell products online then this article covers everything you need to know about how to create and sell digital educational products from your own website!

The best way to make money online is to create a digital product store. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps of creating a successful digital product store. You don’t need any programming skills or experience with web design; just follow the instructions in this article and you’ll be on your way!

Digital educational products

Why you need to sell digital products from your own website

If you’re ready to create and sell your own digital products from your website, here are some of the main benefits:

  • You can create and sell your own digital educational products. Most of us have something to teach – whether it’s technical skills or how to do something better (e.g., graphic design). We may not think of ourselves as “teachers”, but we all have something valuable to share with others. And if someone pays us for that knowledge, it’s money in our pocket!

  • You can be in control of the sales process. When people want to buy something online, they don’t necessarily want payment info up front before they know what they’ll get. By having an easy-to-use shopping cart on your site where visitors can purchase whatever product(s) you offer, you’ll build trust and increase conversions (i.e., sales). 

  • In addition, by keeping financial transactions off third party sites like Etsy or Amazon (which charge fees), you’ll keep more cash in YOUR pocket and you will retain your Intellectual Copyright more easily.

How to create a digital product

To create a successful digital product, you need to have:

  • A product that solves a problem.

  • A product that is unique and valuable.

  • A product that is easy to use.

  • A product that is easy to deliver (in whatever form).

  • A product that is at the right price!

  • And finally, a product that’s easy to sell.

If you have considered all of the steps above then the ease of selling a product should not be hard.
sell digital educational products

Create a sales funnel

A sales funnel is a series of steps that lead you from the moment you learn about your product to the moment you buy it. Your sales funnel should include:

  • A landing page: The first step in your sales funnel will be to create an informational landing page where visitors can learn more about your digital educational product and sign up for a free trial or demo of your product. This landing page should be designed in such a way that it explains exactly what people will receive after making their purchase and what benefits they’ll get by using it.

  • A lead capture form: Once people have shown interest in signing up for free trials or demos, they should receive an email containing information about how to do so. You can add this form onto your main website or keep it separate as part of its own website (which we recommend).

  • Lead nurturing emails: After getting someone’s email address via the lead capture form above, nurture them through personalized emails until they’re ready to make their purchase decision by offering helpful resources like case studies and webinars which show how other businesses have benefitted from using this type of software before deciding whether or not it’s right for them too – all without having spent any money yet!

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Follow the steps in the article and you'll be on the way to creating a successful business.

The first step in starting a successful Digital Product business is to create your product. There are many different ways you can do this, but here are some tips:

  • You need to write a detailed sales page for each of your products. This is where you will describe the benefits of each product and how it meets the needs of your target customer.

  • The next step is to create an offer for people who want to purchase your digital product online. This can be done through several different ways including pay-per-click ads and affiliate marketing programs.

The first step to selling your digital products from your own website is creating a digital product.

The first step is to create a digital product. That can be as simple as writing an ebook or developing an online course, or it could be something more elaborate like creating a membership site or selling an app. Here are some examples:

  • An ebook on how to make soap in your kitchen using natural ingredients

  • A membership site where members pay monthly for access to exclusive content, including weekly webinars and live Q&A sessions with the author

  • An app that helps people learn a specific skill such as playing guitar better

Next, write a sales page describing your product and how it can fulfill your customer's needs.

A sales page is a great way to provide information about your product and how it can fulfill customer’s needs. When writing a sales page, you should focus on:

  • Describing the product.

  • Explaining how the product will benefit customers.

  • Telling potential customers what they have to lose by not purchasing your product (and what they stand to gain if they do).

When you write your sales page, make sure you write copy that converts, with lots of call to actions on your sales page. If you are unsure of how to do this, we have ready to go templates that you can brand and use in here.

Be sure to send at least one or two confirmation emails after customers buy your product.

After a customer has completed the purchase of your digital product, it’s important to send them an email confirming their order. This will not only let you know that the transaction occurred but will also give you an opportunity to thank them for purchasing from you and share with them any bonuses or special offers that are available.

You can also use this time to ask for feedback on the product itself, or offer more information about other products that may be of interest to them. If someone purchases one of your educational products, for instance, it might be helpful to send them links to others in the series so they can continue learning from your site without having to search around online or follow multiple links back through search engines every time they want another piece of content from you.

Design an email marketing campaign. You can start with a free strategy template from Kartra.

  • Use a strategy template from Kartra to get started with your email marketing campaign

  • Create an affiliate program for your digital products

  • Use social media to promote your digital products

You can start selling digital products on your new Digital Product store today

If you want to sell digital products from your own website, you can start doing it today.

  • Create a digital product: Your first step is to create the product itself. This could be an ebook, video course or other educational resource. Make sure that the content of this product is different from any free content already available on your site and that it has been designed specifically with the goal of making money in mind (rather than just adding value).

  • Write a sales page: Once you have created a good quality digital product, write up a sales page that explains what the reader will get by purchasing the item and why they should buy it from you rather than somewhere else. If possible include testimonials from satisfied customers who have purchased similar products in the past so potential buyers can see real feedback from others who have used them before. Make sure that this page includes all relevant information about payment options as well as delivery timescales so customers know exactly how long they will have to wait before receiving their order once they click “buy”.

In conclusion, selling digital products from your own website is the next step in creating your own e-commerce empire. It’s a great way to earn extra income on the side or even make it your full-time business. 

Learn how the professionals do it!

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