Teach English Online Beginners

An easy-to-follow, course for beginners to teach English online.

This How to teach English online for beginners course is the Complete Beginners Guide to earning a full-time income by Teaching English online by either working for an online teaching platform, a freelancer or both.

This course Includes:

  • The Digi-teAch 10 steps to teaching online success.
  • How to become an online English teacher and how to start.
  • What you need to teach English online.
  • The differences between teaching for online companies and freelancing – which one is right for you.
  • How to successfully find and apply to online Teaching companies with ‘Expert, Insider’ Interviewer processes that will springboard you to success.
  • How to create the Killer ESL CV.
  • What is The online Teachers Toolkit.
  • How to create your Online classroom and digital teaching resources.
  • How to Rock your lessons from the start like a PRO!
  • How to stay Booked and Busy in a Global Pandemic!
  • How to start Freelancing.
  • How to earn £100 per hour teaching online as a freelancer and how to get started.

Included in the How to Teach English Online course are thirteen tutorials and a short quiz. The tutorials can be completed any time you wish and you have lifetime access to the course after purchase.

This Teach English Online for Beginners course shows you how to teach English online from home with direct links for online teaching jobs. There are thirteen lessons in this course which cover teaching online for a platform and also Teaching English online as a Freelancer.

Included there are essential tips and a special Interview tutorial (from a platform Interviewer) on how to pass the Mock Interview if you want to work with ESL platforms and other valuable tips as well.

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