‘Done for you’ Membership Business

£7,239.00 £2,239.00

The No.1 best selling product from Digi-teAch® is the ‘done for you’ membership business. Have the Ultimate Online business done for you – hands free. Everything from branding to membership set up, web design, graphics, social media set-up and planning, email sequencing and a lot more is totally ‘done for you’ by our experienced team.


The no.1 best-selling product from Digi-teAch® is the Membership business, all ‘done for you.’

A membership business today is such a vital part of any business or professional and here is why:

  • It allows you consistently create, build and grow a relationship with your clients.
  • It allows you to create, build and grow a brand form scratch.
  • It allows you to create, build and grow a recurring income.
  • It allows you to position yourself as the authority in your marketplace.
  • It allows you to provide exceptional, value to your customers so that they like, know and trust you.

A membership business is one of the best ways to build and create recurring revenue.

What’s included in The no.1 best-selling product from Digi-teAch®:

  • Domain set up.
  • Email set up.
  • The Digi-teAch branding package.
  • Website Creation and design.
  • E-learning platform integrated.
  • Drip feed initiation.
  • Lead page.
  • 3 X Email sequences.
  • Booking system set up and integrated.
  • International payment set-up and integrated.
  • Upsells, downsells integrated.
  • Social Media platforms set up.
  • Social Media optimisation.
  • 30 day Social Media Launch strategy plan.

There is a cost of $99 a month for the hosting of this with our third party suppplier. No other software or third party apps will be required to run this online business.

When you buy this with Digi-teAch® you will be contacted after purchase to book a sequence of consultations so that we can create the package as listed above.

It is your responsibility to complete the due diligence for copyright and  potential trademark infringements on any names, images or medias you ask us to use to create any of the above, Digi-teAch® does not take responsibility for this element.