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The mock lesson is an essential part of getting hired as an online ESL teacher with any company. Here you will learn my top tips and insider secrets as an ESL recruiter and Interviewer for some of the Industries biggest powerhouses. The biggest mistake anyone can make in applying to an ESL company is thinking if they fail that they can apply again. Sadly this is not the case. Most ESL companies record the IP address as well as the email address of each applicant as part of their security checks. It is for this reason that you should apply through reputable mentors like who will prepare you well for the Interview and the mock lesson.

If you fail the mock lesson you will not get the job with what ever company you are applying to so passing the mock lesson is essential for your success. But there is also another really important reason why you need not just to pass the mock lesson  but why you need to pass it well, and that is the salary.

How well you pass the mock lesson, what score the Interviewer has given you after they have seen your mock lesson will determine your lesson rate meaning how much you will be paid by the ESL company. This is really important as most ESL companies do not give lesson rate increases once you have been hired, so it is important to nail a good lesson rate from the start.

How to pass the mock lesson

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