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Teacherprenuers Course Challenge

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Master our Teacherpreneur Framework to turn your knowledge into a viable, online business.

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Teacherpreneur Challenge

Alison – Founder of Multiple Teacherpreneur Brands & Creator of the Teacherpreneur Evolution System

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The Teacherpreneurs Challenge

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Create a profitable, online business with multiple streams of Income

Teacherpreneur Challenge

Start your ‘recession proof’ Online Teacherpreneur business and work how you want, when you want and for how much you want by transforming your knowledge into digital products & services!

Get your own students for online teaching.
Market yourself as an expert in your niche.
Create and set-up an online Course / Membership.
Set-up online class booking and payment system.
Build your own Online Course.
Learn how to Create sellable, standalone products.

This challenge includes everything you need:

Get Your Own students

On your own website means you keep ALL the Income and choose when and how you want to work.

Grow Your List

To increase your revenue with a fully automated email system, that works even when you are asleep.

Create Consistent Income

With online classes, courses and paid memberships. Your Income can only go up!

'Done for you' templates

Just drag, drop and brand a fully intergrated website, lead page, email sequence and  course to sell online.

Imagine selling products and services everyday that you created from your own knowledge!

Teacherpreneurs Course Challenge

Following our Successful, step-by-step framework.

  • Join the challenge.
  • Get the knowledge.
  • Get the training.
  • Get the support.
  • To get your clients.
  • To create your products.
  • To grow your Income.

Learn how you can successfully freelance without selling your soul or unknowingly overpricing your services?

Would you like more control over what you teach, when and for how much?

Would you like to create a future for yourself that will help you increase your income year after year, not decrease it?

Would you like your education and experience as the professional you are be valued by your clients and by return, respectfully paid for?

Are you self doubting your ability to earn the same as a Freelance tutor, coach or more, than what you are currently earning? 

Are you worried about writing lesson plans or knowing what digital marketing IS and what WILL work the best for you?

Would you like to learn from someone who was once in the same place that you are right now?

...Then you need to do the Teacherpreneur Challenge.
In just 30 days, it WILL change your life.

Teacherpreneur Business Plan

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Today there is more than ONE way to earn a good Income, online. And that is why you need to have a dynamic and modern approach that reflects what people WANT, embedded into your marketing strategy.

Forget trying to hunt the world over online, without a website, lead page, funnel or curriculum  for someone that you HOPE is going to pay you over $100 an hour for a lesson online, just because you used the word ‘niche’ in your marketing – that is so OLD SCHOOL and is one of the fastest ways to build a business structure that WILL NOT stand the test of time against global competition in a hugely competitive marketplace. 

Do NIKE only sell sweatshirts for running?

Does Costa only sell the most expensive coffee in the world that only ONE type of person can drink?

The simple answer to that that is NO!

Now ask yourself why?

A deeper answer to that is:  Sweatshirts are not a unique product, neither is coffee and online  teachers, tutors, coaches and course creators are  …. there are millions.

Charging a high rate, does not make you or your product unique or desirable. 

Let me repeat that: Charging a high rate, does not make your service unique or desirable, no matter how good you are. 

Worried? Don’t be. The TEACHERPRENEUR CHALLENGE will show you how to successfully push through these obvious and inevitable obstacles.


Think about it. If someone wanted you to pay $100 an hour for their service, what would be the first thing you would want to see?  

Contact details, their website, check out their social media – these are professional tools that validate professional services and PROVE that you are who you say you are and VALIDATE your services. 

Without them, today, online, you’re worthless.

These tools also do the EXTRA job of working for you whilst you sleep or teach!

Not having them IS leaving money on the table and putting you right at the bottom of  the list of ALL those other online teachers in a highly competitive industry that are crushing it with their private lessons. Period. 

Remember – If you want your OWN students, you need to become an Entrepreneur and blend that with your skills as a Teacher …


"The Teacherpreneur Challenge will help you learn and master the skills that you WILL need to be a successful Teacherpreneur."

Work anywhere and take time off when you want to

Teacherprenuers Course Challenge

Simple, effective, easy to follow.


I was where you are once and I know how hard it can be to build a successful business with your own students and to KEEP getting your own students.

So, I decided to really help other tutors and coaches stop wasting months of searching for the right resources and systems that work, helping them to stop working for low wages, navigate away from the nonsense and to provide them with REAL, training, tools and resources that will help them become a REAL Teacherpreneur with their own, REAL private clients.



Teacherpreneur Challenge

Every day, you will receive in your private portal, a step-by-step tutorial, along with actionable steps and resources.

The Challenge ensures you stay focussed, follow a successful roadmap, will meet your Teacherpreneur business goals by: 
I have broken down years of my work, methods and processes that I still use in my own brands and businesses, into these trainings so that you can learn and implement them easily and quickly into yours. 

What you WILL acheve in 30 days

No floundering, no time waste, everything to gain!
  • How to Set-up your entire  Teacherpreneur business online in 30 days.
  • Have fully branded, Integrated marketing tools prepared and ready for action.
  • Have your unique marketing strategy, tried and tested to scale.
  • Have your Online Course and Membership system set-up.
  • Have your online student booking system set-up.
  • Have Online International payment systems - set-up.
  • Use the secret bonuses!!


You won’t have to take years of your time learning what you need to know, like I had to or take any time off work or thousands of dollars in consultant and additional training fees because The Teacherpreneurs Challenge has EVERYTHING you need.

 You will only need 4 weeks!!!  and because of the structure of the course, it can all be completed online at the time of the day that suits you best. All you need is yourself, a computer and the internet and some time that you can set aside each day – just for you and the Teacherpreneurs Challenge training.

What you get in The Teacherpreneurs Challenge

Teacherpreneurs Course Challenge

For a one time payment of $279 INSTEAD of $2295

  • 30 Days of video Trainings - Lifetime access (VALUE $479)
  • 30 Days of coaching (VALUE $479)
  • The Teacherpreneurs Ultimate Marketing KIT with Templates for you to use - (VALUE $579)
  • The Ultimate Curriculum Design for Online teaching (VALUE $479)
  • The Teacherpreneurs Ultimate Starter kit (VALUE $179)

Join now and start building and growing your future with the
Teacherpreneurs Challenge

Teacherprenuers Course Challenge

Life time access

The Teacherpreneurs Challenge solves the 3 huge problems
most online business owners face

Getting students

Not only do we show you the top marketing strategies to help you get students yourself online, we also give you access to professional tools to do it too.
With real proof from Alison's own businesses and her industry secrets.

The Tech

This challenge will simplify what you need in the world of online teaching and help you to master your Online education business like a Teacherpreneur by providing you with a 'done for you' ready made website, funnel, lead pages and so much more.

Successful marketing

In the Challenge Alison will show you exactly what you need to do to position yourself inside of a crowded marketplace, to get noticed and more importantly to get private students using examples from her own business.

Join now and started on building your future with the
Teacherpreneurs Challenge

Once you have enrolled, your place on the Teacherpreneurs Challenge you will have direct access to the Secret Facebook community group.
All your other instructions will be emailed to you when we start including your login details.

Teacherprenuers Course Challenge

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