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If you have answered yes to any of the above, this book is for you.

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The Teacherpreneurs Challenge

Author spotlight

Fed up with the ‘guru’ hype that just bang on about ‘niche’ and ‘high ticket’ this and that? Me too! That is why I wrote this book.

I have poured  both my experience as a business owner, teacher and educational consultant along with ten years plus of  marketing knowledge that I have learnt from building a number of online educational businesses into this book, so that you have a clear pathway of how and where to start with freelance tutoring.

Discover the exact blueprints that I use in every business I create, to make bank with online income. Learn how to work smarter not harder with my industry methods and techniques.

Alison Mcrobbie

About the author – Alison was a previous resident blogger for an organisation chaired by J.K. Rowling for many years before working as a journalist then later entering the world of online education, publishing and marketing. 

Since that time Alison has become an Amazon best seller and has written a number of Award winning books whilst creating a number of brands and online businesses.

Readers say

Learn how to do it like the pros! Alison is a real professional and knows exactly what she is talking about. That is why this book is so good! 

Paul Sikes

Simple, effective, professional. Thank you Alison for writing something that ‘really’ works unlike so much info today about online teaching.

Martha Snow