How I earn money as an online Teacherpreneur is the question that I get asked the most and quite simply the answer to that question is often, always changing and that is because the online landscape is always changing. To be successful as an online Teacherpreneur, it is wise to always keep on top of the latest trends within the online marketplace, to see how and if your business will be affected by any potential changes.

However becoming an online Teacherpreneur is totally possible today thanks to digital marketing and social media marketing and you can get started for a relatively low investment.

Using many facebook® business tools for free, I was able to grow one of my businesses 100x faster than my other businesses. The big difference in that growth was online digital marketing as this screenshot from my  facebook® business page shows.

This business is an online tutoring business born in the pandemic when everyone wanted to work online. Competition was fierce for online tutoring but with the right planning, structure and strategy, as you can see it is totally possible. The big pivot I made was to learn more about marketing like an Entrepreneur whilst still teaching, hence Teacherpreneur.

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How did I do it?

The big focus was on not doing what everyone else was doing. Not because of imposter syndrome but because of my clients. Marketing online gets like any other form of marketing. It gets quickly tiresome and boring for the consumer or potential client. If they see the same message delivered in the same way  multiple times over, they become blind to any marketing efforts.

I realised this by really learning how to build a professional online relationship with my clients and my client base is diverse.

I have parents, students, full grown adults – all of all professionals and many different nationalities. I was able to successfully build these relationships grace to digital marketing.

Watch my video below where I explain a little bit more about my journey as an online Teacherpreneur and how you can become one too.

They say the proof is in the pudding! - so here you go!

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