Whilst some online teachers work endlessly all day for $10 per lesson, teaching in the online platform factory all day today on Easter Sunday … I’m sitting in my garden drinking my morning coffee, thinking of the next lesson I will add to my language course for my private, online students. 

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How to get started?

The first thing to do is to actually decide that you want to do this and set time aside for it each day to manifest doing and not ‘researching’ ideas. The amount of times I have heard this from online teachers is endless. Quick, effective research that produces clear results to make informed decisions is of course excellent but anything else is feet dragging nonsense, that will take you nowhere. So make the decision, Affirm it and act. 

Marketing for online teachers

This is without a shadow of a doubt THEE most, I’m going to repeat this, THEE most important aspect of being an online teacher who wants to proudly stake the status of Teacherpreneur. A swanky website, neat online classroom and excellent props and lesson plans are wonderful but useless if you have no clients or worse still. No marketing plan even Forbes recognises this trend when online teachers want to turn Teacherpreneur.  Lots of online teachers that want to start finding their own students to make more money than working for someone else, 99% of the time overlook the marketing needed for online teaching and then often think posting on social media and having a website is effective marketing. I am sorry to burst your bubble but it is not. It is a good start but without a planned strategy it is worthless. Facebook posts and Instagram posts  devalue at lightning speed the minute you post them, lost in the endless threads among everyone else. What is necessary is that you pivot this tool to help you build your list of potential clients but you need a strategy to do this. Get our FREE Discovery training here.

Mindset for many Online teachers V online Teacherpreneurs

In order to reap the results you dream of you need to change your mindset. That means that you need to understand that you are going to have to work hard at the start. If you think it is going to be easy you are wrong but think of it like this. Right now, working for most ESL platforms you have:

  • No rights to maternity / paternity leave.
  • No right to paid holiday.
  • No pension
  • No healthcare insurances
  • No right to request a pay-rise
  • No guarantee of hours, bookings or income.
  • An obligation to sit in front of your computer, often unpaid if you have no bookings.
  • Obliged to accept policies even if one of them is having a powercut will mean you loose your monthly bonus.
  • A five year old who is in control of your income via an often unfair rating system!! 
  • Out of date lesson plans that will turn your brain to fudge.
  • An obligation to attend unpaid training, however poor it it.
  • A gamble, a sheer gamble everyday if you will have a job because even though ESL platforms say you are self employed, you are treated and punished as an employee but without all of the benefits!
  • You are one of a million foreign teachers being put on an ESL factory line adding to the platform saturation crisis!
So in doesn’t take a lot of intelligence to work out that long term, an ESL platform may not be the best option and actually due to the amount of time you will have to spend jumping through the hoops you would be wise to either limit the time you do give to online platforms or just don’t at all, so that you can actually bank some for yourself.

Now let’s see what Teacherpreneurs do:

  • Have a clear vision of what they want to achieve.
  • A goal and timeline of when they want to achieve it.
  • A system that is organised and automated so that they spend less time doing the ‘time-wasting’ tasks.
  • A solid marketing strategy that gets them students / clients on tap.
  • The delight in setting their own rates based on the quality of their lessons.
  • The ability to start as a one person band and grow beyond all possibility.
  • The opportunity to make their income passively.
  • The choice to choose when they want to teach and how much they will charge.
  • The security of knowing where the basis of their income is coming from and how much for the next 3 months.
  • No anxiety over being ill, having powercuts, or rating systems.
  • The joy of being able to create high quality lesson plans that can by multi -purposed for their own gain and that of their students.
  • The opportunity to really acquire key professional skills and training that will contribute to their further professional development and is Internationally recognised as such.
  • Is fully valued by their students.
  • The choice to not teach students who show disrespect.
  • The opportunity to have private health insurance.
  • A private pension plan.
  • The opportunity to travel or just stay ‘off’ and not be penalised.
  • The opportunity to create and build your own educational brand.
So all in all you need to decide which one you want to swim in. The pond or the sea?

Branding for online teachers

This is really important so that you set yourself apart from the rest. If you intend to call your social media page:Teacher John or Teacher Jill, I  hate to break it to you but that will have zero impact on your business and most of all your Income. Why and how online teachers need to change this perspective and how they can go about changing this, I discuss in this FREE training.

Business models for Online teachers

You need to start by deciding what is going to work for you and what you can:
 1) Bring to market.
2) Can deliver.

You don’t have to set your business model in stone and in actual fact, it is best not to because in order to respond to the industry and the market place you will need to diversify for the market place given it’s needs and competition at any given time.

Interestingly, enough, foreign students love courses. I think the main attraction here is that they can ponder over things as much as little as they like and it is a good reference material.

A good combination that works well for new online teachers turning Teacherpreneur is a small course of say 3 lessons, then either a larger course on a monthly membership with a top up package of block of lessons. Students like the dynamics of this combination as they are getting:

1) Continuity.

2) A progressive course of teaching that they can learn in their own time.

3) Your continued techniques and styles in personal online 1-1 or group lessons to really perfect the learning.

I’ll leave it there for now and hope this helps you grasp the perspective that no online teachers should be working for low lesson rates or be subjected to harsh, punitive systems either as a self employed teacher or a salaried one. And actually  once you realise your real full potential and put things into perspective, you can see how incredibly possible earning a good income whilst you do what you love most – teaching, is totally possible. If you want to know how you get started with the above in just 5 days – checkout the affordable Teacherpreneurs 5 day crash course here. 

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