How to create ebooks, easily and quickly. You could even create an ebook agency with this.

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Ebooks have revolutionised the world of books, literature and also the lives of millions of authors, readers and business owners today.

Many people are now authors writing ebooks easily and quickly and turning out a pretty income and let’s face it, to continue getting paid for doing something once is pretty cool.

However some people who have tried to write ebooks have realised that it isn’t as simple as it seems. And then there is the cover design and then there is the process of marketing the books – like who will buy your book and how can you sell enough to make enough money. 

Well at digiteachonline.com we are going to reveal a super piece of software that is going to take the hard work and problems out of these very relevant issues. Which means that you can create more and potentially sell more.

Now imagine if you could create an ebook a week, have it formatted correctly – because 99% of rejects to amazons kindle and apple books are due to formatting. Proofread and also have the cover easily made for you at the touch of a button.

Sounds great right? Well the software Scribble is a new technology that does exactly all that for you.

Scribble helps authors, tutors, marketers, professionals, business owners and teachers write professional ebooks professionally and easily. Without having to have tech skills, design skills or writing skills. All whilst saving them time and money. Scribble even show you how to market and sell your ebooks.


The Top 5 places to sell your ebooks to masses!


Once you have written the first ebook you are going to want to sell it so ideally you can get back to creating more. Scribble obviously takes the hard work out of lots of writing ebooks but let’s look at the top 10 market places for books.

Obviously Kindle on amazon is the first place to start. If you don’t know what Kindle is – it is amazon’s own electronic e-reader. You can store hundreds of books on it and Kindle have a very devoted reader following of the millions. Most kindle readers have the kindle subscription which starts at £7.99 a month and for that they can read as many books as they wish. So do you see the potential here. If people can download and read as many of your books as possible for a one monthly fee what do you think is going to happen? They are going to read more and more. 

So how do you get paid if they are only paying £7.99 a month – right?

Authors that sell books through amazon’s Kindle portal get paid per page PLUS they also get a monthly pay out of the KEN reads which means you get a percentage of the overall sales on knidle too which is great as this is going to further your passive income. However many indie authors make thousands a month selling ebooks via kindle. 

Experience Kindle books yourself and get a 30 day FREE trial here.


Totally possible and you can do this in a number of ways. For example if you are selling HOW TO ebooks, you can create a simple lead page with your ebook featured on it and they get the ebook directly downloaded after payment.  Also a great idea to build trust and value if you also have higher priced items for sale like e-courses or consulting for example. If you don’t what a lead page is sign up for our free training here.

Children’s ebooks are also a great way to make income with ebooks and with your own website you could also offer other items for sale, such as Print on demand clothing, toys, lessons even? The world is your oyster with your own website. If you want to create your own WordPress site we recommend using Siteground to host with.



Nook is the e-reader of Barnes and Noble who are a huge publisher in the US. Nook do not offer a subscription based service yet to their readers like amazon Kindle does so you may be able to charge more and get paid more for your ebooks here.


IF you want to make your ebooks available on android there is no better place than Google play. PLUS we all know ow fierce the search engine is on Google, so that might also go in your favor. It is also very simple to set up and you can get started here.


Oh yes you can sell ebooks on etsy. In fact you can sell many things on Etsy today. When it first started you could only sell handmade items. Now you can sell almost anything as long as it is made by you or created by you. Check out the etsy guide here. Etsy also have a super fierce SEO as well as buyers just waiting to spend.

Now the title of this post is how to make money quickly with ebooks. So this is what you need to:

  1. Get started and finished with your first ebook fast. Use Scribble to do this. The key is in the doing and not the dawdling. Check out Scribble here.
  2. Get your first book listed on all four of these sites ASAP.
  3. Set up your website, using Siteground because they also give you  great templates to get started for FREE. For more complexed set ups with Lead pages, membership sites and automated emails etc, get a trial with  Kartra here. We use them and find them super affordable for things that we would have to pay 10x for otherwise.
  4. Get more people interested in your ebook by reading your blog posts, social media posts etc.

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