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Drinking tea whilst you work is the ultimate detox but which one really works?

If your life is anything like mine, you may find it difficult sometimes to keep that weight on track. I am always so busy and putting myself first is often at the end of the line or near enough and this is something I need to change. 

My biggest issue like most of us is time and having good, informed, information because let’s face it – often over saturation with the same info is dominating the market place.

So I am sharing my recent find with you because I l’m not sucking endlessly on a celery stalk or working out like 6 hours a day to get in shape – I don’t have the time or the energy after running three business’, a home and single parenting two teenagers – and yes they DO take as much time as the little bambinos – trust me! 

Then this FREE book that I have for you will be a great starting guide to you for detoxing.

Identifying all our little bug bears that really don’t help our diets is key, as much as we all hate it. Mine is coffee. I am  a total coffee addict and until recently happily drank it all day. But then I discovered that I was getting really hydrated, this was noticable in my skin and other areas!! You know what I mean … So I was looking for something I could drink as much as my dear coffee but did more for my body and my diet AND tasted good enough so that I COULD drink it all day. 

Well I have found it – The Red Tea Detox and apparently this is getting a lot more popular because people don’t have time for a lot of the other “detox” strategies. – Like me and probably you too! My waistline has certainly confirmed that I needed to ‘detox’ –  so the bottles of Chardonnay are currently packed away in the garage until Xmas!! 

Did you know that normally when someone chooses a way to detox their body, there’s a lot of things they have to consider.

How much can they afford?

Do they have enough time to mix 17 ingredients together for a smoothie (like a lot of detox plans).

And how are they going to FEEL during their detox?

Are they going to be stressed out, hungry, and tired?

Or are they going to be booming full of life and happiness.

Too many people assume that their detox has to be painful, when it can actually be a lot of fun.


That’s one reason why the Red Tea Detox is picking up steam.

People are actually finding it enjoyable. Hands up, Im one of them! Also I love that I can have it hot or cold in a huge jug with slices. 


Do you think you might like to be part of the Red Detox Challenge?


Then click below to get started with this great free book:


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