Discover the BEST lighting for online teaching.

Next to being a great teacher, having cool props and of course having students / clients!!! 

You will need to ensure that to keep those bookings coming in when you teach online that you have the best lighting. Remember in the online ESL world everything is recorded. The companies record all lessons, the parents often do too (even if you can’t see them),  so make sure you look your perfect, pixel perfect for your students and the recordings, with the most affordable and the most flexible lighting for online teachers today. 

This video will show you what professional, online teachers use to have the best lighting for online teaching and you will be pleasantly surprised that this set up that we are featuring today, does not break the bank! 

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Teaching online is without a shadow of a doubt perhaps one of the most recession proof professions as long as you are working for yourself or have your own online teaching business.

Recent events have shown how  the largest teaching companies suffered some of the biggest losses and that is because they have gigantic business models that cannot adapt quickly to changes due to their infrastructure.

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