The cheapest online TESOL is £19 and will certify you to teach English online with English tutoring platforms such as Itutor group, VIPKID, Palfish and DADAABC. 

But read on to find out why you need a TESOL. What the difference is between a TEFL and a TESOL,  why it is important to make sure it is a certified TESOL like this one, from an official governing body, how long it will take to complete and how do you complete this online TESOL. Whether you want to back pack around Thailand teaching English from r you want to be a stay at home, online teacher, teaching English from any country – this article is for you.

The cheapest online TESOL

ESL platforms can be a good way to get started teaching English online, to get you a little bit of experience, but whether you are working for an ESL platform or working for yourself with private clients, one thing they are all going to ask for are qualifications. 

The ESL industry is really, really, competitive and today I’m going to share with you a special promotional code that I have that is going to help you to get started with for just £19. This is the cheapest online TESOL.

Why do you need a TESOL?

Why do you need a TESOL? Well in China it is actually law and that extends to online English teachers, working online from any country, teaching English through an ESL platform. In 2019, the Chinese government changed lots of things for ESL platforms and brought in lots of rules  when it came to foreign teachers, teaching online with ESL platforms. These rules were things like: 

  • Online foreign teachers,  have to have a criminal records check with matching passport details.
  • Teachers must have either a TEFL or a TESOL certificate from a certified body (such as the cheapest online TESOL that we are promoting)
  • Teachers must have a minimum of one years teaching experience, preferably online.
  • Teachers must be native speakers. Some platforms will contract non natives but they pay non natives, poorly.

What's the difference between a TESOL and a TEFL?

In general very little. TEFL means teaching English as a foreign language and a TESOL means Teaching English as a secondary language. People from the US tend to refer more to a TESOL and people from the UK and Europe normally  use the term TEFL.

How long will it take to complete this TESOL?

Technically, although TESOL’s and TEFL’s have an hourly rate applied to them, they are often over exaggerated. This particular TESOL like many can be completed within a one to two days depending on your speed of work.

What will I learn with these TESOL certificate?

This TESOL is broken down into ten different modules:

  1. Teaching and Learning.
  2. Linguistics.
  3. Reading.
  4. Writing.
  5. Speaking.
  6. Listening.
  7. Pedagogy.
  8. Lesson planning.
  9. Classroom Management.
  10. Getting a TEFL job.


A further breakdown of these modules can be seen here. 

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