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When you tutor online for yourself you do not need any formal qualifications BUT most private clients will prefer tutors that can validate their claims.


When you teach English online privately you can set your own rates of pay.


Choose when you want to work and by how much.


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I have worked in education and publishing for over ten years, in the UK, Asia, and Europe.

In that time I have taught many different types of classes from 1-1 to University seminars. And written over five language Curriculums. 

Get hired to teach English online

Working directly with companies as a teacher trainer,  Interviewer and recruiter after being an online teacher myself, I know exactly what they want and what you need to do to pass and get the best lesson rate available, to get hired to teach English online.

I now have two successful online language businesses. One is monetised by facebook® and I have over 40K online private students

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Hello and welcome to the friendly recruiting service of Digi-teAch®. Here you will find all the information, support and resources you need to work successfully online. This area of the website focusses on how to get hired to teach English online.


Get coached by me in any of my online program. Each program will provide you with the essential ‘know how’ knowledge to help you find your own private students online.

I recommend my Teacherpreneurs Challenge. It’s a low cost investment in time and money for you to get started.





Give yourself the best chance of success by completing the FREE Teacherpreneur Discovery Course.


Thinking of growing your Income even more with your teaching talent ? 

We run regular Masterclasses educating Teachers on how they can become Teacherpreneurs with their own online businesses based on many of our own successful businesses within the education industry.

Here you can get the option to clone my exact business ….


Frequently asked questions

You need experience in teaching but it does not have to be online teaching.

We have free options and paid ones.

21 days is all it takes to start but the success of any business depends on how much effort you put in on a consistent level.

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Our clients say

"I had been working in the UK as a Primary school teacher but decided after the pandemic that I didn't want to do that. I took the course by Digi-teach and got hired to teach English online, quickly. honestly think if I hadn't of taken the course. I would not have got the job as I had no experience prior."
Online Kids teacher
"I had been teaching kids prior but wanted a change. I took the Teacherpreneur course and all I have to say is that is is massively underpriced and over delivers. I now have my own tutoring business, teaching English and Spanish - all grace to Alison, thank you."
"What can I say. I got hired within a week of coming to Digi-teach. Alison's advice and help was amazing and she got me the best paid online teaching job I have ever had."
Senior Online teacher
"I have never worked online or taught online before. I didn't have a lot of expereince but Digi-teach helped me rewrite my CV. I also took the course. I got hired really fast after application. I am thankful for the training from Digi-teach as I feel like I just walked the mock class. I now get paid more than all my friends at a time when so many people have lost their job due to the pandemic."
Anghus lochley
Online kids and adults teacher