How to find private students online


How to find private students to teach online. Not at all as difficult as people think. Just ask yourself, if it was why are there so many online platforms right now?

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HOW TO FIND PRIVATE STUDENTS ONLINE …. It is true to say that right now there could not be a better time to start looking for your own private clients. Zillions of eyeballs are literally  scanning social media and google to find a way of reaching their goals digitally – from home or from their office, so online lessons are now a firm favorite by many. But this is not the only reason.


Due to recent world events with the spread of COVID-19 businesses and schools have been forced to look for other ways to deliver lessons. The world over is looking for online teachers – to teach many different subjects.

ESL platforms in particular  have taken a huge knock themselves with COVID-19, their teachers moreso. Many countries have been hit with huge medical bills and many countries do not have prepaid medical treatment, so this means that many households have been hit hard in China in particular. However in other parts of the world people are opting to switch to online learning as a ‘now’ and for the ‘future’ option. How far the virus has truly spread and whether or not it will reoccur is definitely  a consideration as many people are safeguarding themselves, their families and their business with. So online education is booming!

However Chinese ESL platforms were already hit this year with changes due to stricter conditions laid down by the goverment. One of those is limiting the time students can take online lessons if they book through an ESL platform. Many platforms have been changing their policies which have not been very helpful to online teachers. So all in all if you have only ever worked for Chinese ESL platforms and you need more than a few hours work a week, now would be a good time to cast your net a little further to discover how to find students online.


So many teachers think that this is really difficult. But you need to ask yourself three very important questions here:

1) If it was so hard to find private students online, why are there teaching platforms popping up all over?

2) If you get students to swim in your pond, they will only want to be fed by you. Fish for students in an ESL platform or lake, then they will look to the platform to feed them not you! You are simple byproduct that can be easily disposed of and easily replaced.

3)  How many times have you had to use substandard material considered by schools as a lesson plan? Given the right tools and training do you think you could do better?

By marketing yourself in the growing digital workplace you can find many private students. I have successfully marketed myself with  both social and digital marketing and have over 10,000 online students!! And not one of them is from China! So it is totally possible.

How do I teach that many students?

By creating an entire system that I built, bit by bit as I acquired students. Some of the lessons are delivered via group lesson but a lot is delivered through courses that I create and write. Students love this way of learning because they can consume at their own pace, then get top up lessons with you – their teacher. The fact that you have written the material and taught lesson specific subjects that inter-relate to the material is key to online students. It is something they value a lot and look for and something many schools, just don’t seem  to do. More the advantage to you! 

In addition to that ebooks, podcasts and personal programs are another source of constant revenue which contributes to teaching online and this is a very sought after and specialist area and it is not one that platforms can compete with – especially adult students who are always looking for teachers to teach them specifically  so that they can reach their professional goals.


A lot more than platforms or schools that is for sure as you can see from the number of students that sign up for my courses and lessons below. This is a screenshot from my communications dashboard.

The big issue with working with schools and platforms is that if you rely only on them for your income you will have to work every single lesson and most days to make half decent money. The policies and payment of some platforms are also sometimes very disagreeable for teachers and sometimes those polices can have an effect on if they will book you for students and how much, so it’s all very relative. 

When you market yourself and have your own clients eventually you work less for more. Which is normally how things should be in life. The more expereince you get and the better you are at something should reward you with a higher salary and better lifestyle otherwise what is the point?

However finding your own students require effort and work and I have now created a course called the Teacherpreneurs Evolution System that teaches teachers exactly how to do it, based on how I found mine. The course also shows you how to create your own webpages, courses, lead pages. How to use email marketing to not only boost your client list and revenue but how you can successfully build positive relationships with your clients online which could eventually lead you to being sponsored or monetised by platforms such as facebook and that can be a very nice stream of additional revenue whilst at the same time, building your own brand. 

There is a whole world inside of this program and I am opening this up right now with a simple 30 day online crash course. The course is about 30 working days of content but you can complete it at your own pace as you get lifetime access. Find out about that here.

In this online course you will learn the 6 successful business traits that I use that has built me three online businesses in education. But what is more important is that  not only will you learn what they are but I will show you how to do them and implement them for yourself. 

What you learn on this course you can put into action after each day and literally see results that will continue to grow, providing you follow my blueprint.

The final module holds a TOP secret process that you will be very glad to discover!

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