Ways to Improve your tutoring business reach: Be visible online, plan and create a social media marketing strategy, use relevant and interesting marketing materials, graphics and useful infographs, educate your clients with lots of information about your products and services, be contactable. 

Is it really hard to improve your business reach online, fast and for free and why do you need to do it? 

Well as much as the gurus will tell you otherwise, organic SEO will always outperform any paid ad. And today unless you have expereince and training in placing paid ads on social media platforms you can easily find yourself in hot water. So many policies and so little clarity of them is often the issue.

But with a careful and considered plan, improving your business reach online can be relatively easy.

In a nutshell, I base my principles on the three ‘e’s’. I have found that this works quite well for me and get’s me the results I need to run my online educational businesses.

In this video I describe a few of the tools and techniques, I use to get me effectively pivot those three ‘e’s. 

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