How to start an online teaching business in 2020?

At the time of writing this post the world in suffering from an International Pandemic known as the COVID-19. 

All school, Universities and ALL other establishments apart from hospitals, police stations are supermarkets are open.

Why is this important? Because it has changed how we interact and learn now and it will continue to do so for the future.

Already Forbes estimated the online learning industry before this pandemic to be worth over 302 million dollars. Now it is worth a lot more. But not to huge online platforms and there is one reason for that. Due to their size they over systemise everything leaving the authenticity and individual aspect of private online tutoring in the dark. 

This is where people who want to start an online business themselves can really make a mark.

Students all over the world are looking for online teachers – private, personal online teachers. Not something that looks and feels like it came out of a factory. This is the perfect time to start an online teaching business. 

Every tutor is different and everyway they teach is different and THAT is the attraction for students.

So if you are a teacher or tutor that would like to teach online right now and would like to know  How to start an online teaching business and be up and running in 5 days – I have some great news for you. 

Take the Digi-teach FREE 1 hour discovery training and choose your pathway as indicated in the training. It really is that simple. See you in 5 days! 

How to start an online teaching business

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