How do private tutors find online students


How do Private tutors find online students? Yes, I know - people ask me all the time but these two top things I will reeal in this posy keep my students coming by the bathful

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How do private tutors find online students? It is a question asked many, many times and one that I struggled for years to really, truly find the answer to. However since that time, I have practised it again and again and devised it to a very fine art.  Let me tell you more.

How do private tutors find online students

Firstly if you already teaching online than you need to decide do you want to work for yourself or for low paid lessons that are also unreliable? Once you start making choices you will also start changing mindset. Mindset is oh so important!

The most important part of creating and running an online teaching business is students – right? Websites, facebook pages and fancy pants courses mean nothing without students. They are the blood within the vein and they are also the only thing at the start that is going to keep your cashflow moving and cashflow for a small business is KEY! 

So, How do  Private tutors find online students?

The first part is by having a really reliable and solid online system that integrates all your messages both visually and also psychologically and ALL within a professional framework. Having a system that saves you time and money is vital into getting started and also as it grows. 

I remember when I started and I was very OCD about my systems, it was more the fact that I had to get the system right at the start – the way it was to function and automate seamlessly that I was obsessed with. Way more obsessed with that than thinking how this would help me out if I got lots of students interested in my services.

But boy oh boy! WAS I PLEASED, that i was OCD about it. My latest online educational business grew so fast in one month and I thought to be honest that I had just got lucky. But when I really sat down and thought about it – I had spent about eight months planning it, so really it should not have been a surprise. But what happened next was the following month and the one after that it continued to grow so fast. Now if I had not of had my systems in place there would have no way that I could have dealt with the hundreds of emails per day. But thankfully I did – all managed single handed with no employees! 

One of the biggest assets for me is my private directory. It has grown so much that I now also let other teachers list themselves on it also. I have way more students than I need so there is no need to be greedy.

So, I know you want to know how you can access this and have all this juicy info right. You want the systems that I use and you want to be and running fast, because let’s face it –  why not. 



Well I have been beavering away and I have put it all into a simple 5 day online crash course. You can get all the info PLUS a free listing in my directory but you had better be fast because I’m only keeping it at this mad price for a little while longer. 

Find out in this FREE course from Digiteachonline here:

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