How to Grow an Online Tutoring Business to 40K students as a Freelance Tutor: 5 Top Tips that you can use and do today!

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If you are a Freelance tutor or freelance anything and you want to really succeed with your own business online then this article is going to help you discover 5 amazing FREE tools that you can use straight away in your business today, to help it grow and glow! 

The digital landscape has changed on almost every platform in the last 12 months and facebook® has rolled out some key features to help you grow your business online for free!

Use them and you could even get monetised by facebook.

How to Grow an Online Tutoring Business to 40K students as a Freelance Tutor: 5 Top Tips that you can use and do today! 1

Facebook Shops

With literally every business in the world having to take their livelihood online as a result of the pandemic, facebook® maxed out here with the novel idea of E-commerce with facebook® shops.

Any person with a business or brand page can now have a facebook® shop and this is instrumental in growing your online business. 

Facebook® shops are super fast and easy to set up and can literally take minutes to do if you are using the Facebook® shop plugins for websites like WordPress, Wix, Square Space, etc. 

The beauty of these shops do not only do they display your products on facebook® but if approved they are also visible on Instagram® too. So you have automatically tripled your online shops viewing audience:

  1. Your website.
  2. Facebook® shops.
  3. Instragram® shops.

But the real gem is in their dynamic pixel attribution.

As facebook® continues to record what each and every one of us likes and other demographics etc. this information comes into play with facebook® shops because facebook® show the scroller or viewer the content that they are more likely to be interested in as a result of their past viewing and purchasing which means dynamically facebook® show the viewer the items that they are most likely to purchase. How useful is that? And you didn’t even have to pay for it!

One key feature, I love with Facebook® shops is that one set up, every time you add a new product to your online shop on your website, it is automatically pushed to both the shops on facebook® and Instagram®, saving any business time and admin costs.

Facebook events

Now have the option of running paid events!

But not just paid events, paid classes, seminars and meetings. 

The beauty of events is that similar to facebook® shops they will automatically start showing in the feeds of those most interested. I have also noticed that if you Google the names of products or event subjects in Google, those that are listed on facebook® are showing up in Google search so these must also be boosting your SEO.

Instant Articles

Instant Articles are basically blogs or articles that you already have on your site but on facebook® they are called Instant Articles and their beauty is in their load time. Instant Articles load super fast on facebook® and also appear in the facebook® app along the bottom of the screen. Again facebook® show you what you are most likely to read based on your viewer and interaction history. This is going to be a winner for those trying to grow their business through blogging and it is an ever-developing space. I’m watching this one closely.

Instant articles are also monetizable. So instead of Adsense, you might want to have a look into earning some Income from your articles on Instant Articles. Those along with the other forms of facebook® monetization are going to make it very competitive, I feel.

Facebook Watch

Is Facebook’s take on Youtube I guess. You can happily scroll through lots of videos on facebook® now. To grow your business with this feature so as many live videos or prerecorded videos as you can. I find that facebook® pushes business pages with video content a lot more than others and one of these reasons is because they do that one thing that Social Media hinges upon and that is engagement.

If people are watching your content, they are staying longer on facebook® and you are also winning the opportunity of getting them to like, know and trust you and your business more which are key factors if you want to turn that secret scroller into a happy shopper!

Online Bookings

With a business page, you can now have your very own online booking system with facebook®.

The booking system allows you to choose from paid and non-paid bookings. People can pay directly at the time of booking via facebook® or they can pay on site. 

You can choose online appointments or book online for offline appointments.

These are great, as you can use them for consultations, lessons, interviews, and meetings.


These five marketing tools that facebook® give you for free are key tools to grow your business online. Why they outweigh any third-party apps that you may already have built into your website is in their location.

These facebook® marketing tools are already embedded into your market environment. Simply by using them you have positioned yourself or your business in your ideal market place and you are open for business, globally 24 hours a day, Internationally. 

Facebook® has intelligently given you some of the best marketing tools for free, to help you grow your business online. Currently, I have not yet seen another Social Media platform embed so many useful marketing tools that interact so seamlessly with Social Media directly from your business website directly to your clients. 

This is pure genius, gold!

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