Teacherprenuers Course Challenge

How to get your OWN direct students: In 30 days or less

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If you are serious about wanting to get your own direct students to teach online then you MUST take the Teacherpreneurs challenge.

If you are hoping to become a lot more independent, be able to fill in those gaps, be able to increase that income and not have to  be reliant on some poorly managed ESL companies then this post is for you. 

I think recently we have all seen that there have been many ESL companies that operate in very underhand ways:

  • Fining teachers for platform tech issues.
  • Ratings left by overtired five-year-old kids.
  • Withholding pay if those teachers share this on social media and a lot more …
Teacherpreneurs Course Challenge

But when you are a  qualified tutor or teacher, you shouldn’t really be subjected to being paid as little as possible, being paid the equivalent, of what seventeen-year-olds make flipping hamburgers, as their part-time chopping McDonald’s when you hold a degree and you’ve got a number of years of experience teaching should you.

So this is what we have done in a bid to make you realize that you do not have to opt into this modern-day equivalent of slavery. 

You can get your own students instead. 


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