If you are wondering why China has banned online tutoring, why it has happened and what your options are if this affects your online teaching job then read on …

In the video below we have taken a few credible reports to detail the current situation in China. Why the banned happened and and when it takes place. But these are the main takeways:


  • Foreign teachers outside of China can NO LONGER be hired to teach foreign curriculums. 
  • Agencies can no longer teach foreign curriculums such as English. 
  • Companies that are profit run ‘must go’ that includes private ESL platforms.
  • These private tutoring companies like Dadaabc, VIPkid, Whales English, and others cannot take foreign capital.
  • All vacation and holiday curriculum is not going to be taught online anymore by private companies.
  • Children below the age of six are forbidden to take online tutoring and school curriculum lessons.

Online tutoring is soon to be banned in China for a minimum of 12 months as decided by the President of China as reported by Reuters.

If you have not yet jumped off of the ESL, Chinese Gravy train that has become more than dry the last 18 months than ever; you may want to think about Freelancing to students outside of China.

As many of you know our founder, has two very successful online teaching schools, started 100% alone as a freelance tutor. Want to find out more and how you can teach privately online?


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