CReate and sell your 1st digital product without a following

How to create and Sell your first Digital Product online: Without ads and without a huge audience of followers

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Create a simple, low-cost digital product such as a workbook and use a high-reaching social media platform like Tik Tok or Pinterest to reach your target audience. Create Content on these platforms regularly that aligns the functions and unique selling points of your digital product with your ideal customer. Use the link in bio feature to sell the digital product directly from your social media, to your client.

If you have always liked the thought of making money for free by creating digital income, working from home or traveling the world as a digital business owner then this article is for you. This post will show you how you can create and sell your first digital product without running paid ads or without even having a huge social media following.

Digital Products How to create and sell your 1st one

There is nothing better than swiping your phone to see an online payment notification when you least expected it because you were asleep, out shopping or taking the kids to school but this is the beauty of creating and selling online digital products. However, many people go about it the wrong way, through lack of knowledge and falsehood generated by fake ‘gurus’ so hopefully this will help you to get your first digital product created and selling online, so that you too can start experiencing the beauty of the digital income lifestyle.

What are digital products?

A digital product is an entity that exists only in a digital form and is sold for a value that is often exchanged with money. However digital products can be turned into physical products and often are to expand ranges and reach different consumer marketplaces.

Before we start looking at all the advantages of creating digital products and how to sell them online, let’s start looking at some examples of what digital products are today in 2022.

25 examples of Digital Products that you can create and sell Online

Digital products can be any of the following:

  • An ebook
  • A workbook
  • Digital planner
  • A Masterclass
  • Templates
  • A course
  • An online workshop
  • Digital images
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Printable’s
  • Membership sites
  • Audiobooks
  • Software
  • Kindle books
  • Digital tools
  • Music
  • Swipe files
  • Recipes
  • Patterns
  • Graphic Bundles
  • Coaching Packages
  • Podcasts
  • Lesson Plans
  • Email sequences
How to create and sell your first digital product
Create and sell digital products
Examples of Digital Products sold by Digiteachonline

As you can see from the list above that is by no means exhausted, digital products are wide and varied and today they are bought and sold worldwide in almost every industry, interest, hobby or passion. This is why they are such an amazing and extremely viable choice when it comes to thinking about making money online, be that as a side hustle or as your main income stream. I expect you have already bought a digital product yourself, be that a digital download  of music or perhaps even a template or course. So let’s look a the advantages of why creating a digital product is the ideal choice in 2022.

Type of Digital Product
Audio files

The Advantages of creating and selling Digital Product

I can guarantee that once you have created and sold your first digital product you will become hooked. And the reason most people love creating digital products to sell online is because they are free to create, can be sold anywhere at anytime, you only have to create them once, you can sell them direct from your website, they are the perfect product to start building your audience. So let’s look at this a little deeper.

Digital Products are Free to create

While this is true for the most part. You do have to factor in your time and perhaps a graphic design tool like Canva. This is free to use and you can create an entire digital product with it. Lots of people run ads to sell their digital products however I have found the most success in selling my digital products have not come from running ads but from SEO.

SEO means search engine optimzation. I optimise my website firstly for SEO and I post on Social Media Platforms that provide the longest visability and the highest reach. That used to be facebook® and Instagram® however since Facebook® and Apple fell out, Pinterest has become my favorite alongside Tik Tok.  I find my content stays on Pinterest for months to come whereas with Facebook® and Instagram® they are gone in minutes. Facebook lives do work well for increasing your audience size once you have one but today it is hard for new creators to find that reach. 

Tik Tok® is my other favorite platform currently. The growth I have seen myself on Tik Tok has been second to none in comparison to the other platforms. And Tik Tok are doing lots to help creators and small business owners grow their accounts and income with the Tik Tok® platform. If you would like to learn how to grow your business on Tik Tok, take my Tik Tok next level Content Pack.

The Tik Tok Next Level Content Pack  will teach you everything you need to know to get to the next level on Tik Tok with 60 Ready to use templates and how to tutorials to help you along the way.

This is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Learn how to use Tik Tok to grow your business or brand.
  • Find the perfect audience for you.
  • How to define and Find your Niche.
  • What Tik Tok actually uses ‘NOW’ to push out your video to your followers and those that don’t yet follow you.
  • Viral Hacks demystified.
  • The FYP, what it is and how to get your Tik Toks on it, EVERYTIME you post.
  • 30 days of ‘Audience building’ Content creation Ideas done for you.
  • 60 ready to use Tik Tok Templates that are going to be your virtual gold!
  • Ready to get PRO about your Tik Tok and GROW beyond ….

How to Create and Sell your own Digital Products Online

Type of Digital ProductBillion USD
Audio files

How to sell a Digital Product

Digital Products are easier and more successful to sell when they are more specific. By that, I mean what niche they refer to you. For example, here on Digi-teach all the digital products that we create and sell are info products, educating people how to create, launch and grow their income online. 

We have built and managed many different sorts of businesses for people before was created and then we realised that genuine people were looking for a genuine solution to their small business problems. We put our expereince and knowledge in to Digital products and sold them online. The rest is history, so they say ….

Now if you don’t want to invest the time and effort at the start into creating your own website, I strongly recommend using a Stan Store to sell digital downloads and also to promote your favorite affiliate links. For larger digital products like courses and membership sites, we recommend using Kartra.

Stan is a platform that is very low cost at $23 a month and they also offer a FREE 14 day trial. Setting up your Stan store is as simple as adding an attachment to an email ( no joke) and it is very fast and easy to do.

Stan Store
Stan Store

How to sell a Digital Product without a website

A stan store works particularly well for social media platforms and I strongly believe that is because of it’s non complicated design and easy to use features.

You can sell a digital product via Stan and other things too.

Things you can sell directly to your client with a Stan Store

  • Workbooks
  • Ebooks
  • Online courses
  • Bookings for classes
  • Bookings for consultations
  • Affiliate links like Your Fav amazon purchases or Fav (whatever products you love and use)

You can also build a funnel with a Stan Store but we have found that on  Social Media platforms,  people convert better with a Stan Store it because they don’t like looking at funnels on a phone.

You can even offer Free guides, and downloadables which are perfect for lead magnets to help you build your email list and grow your audience.

The analytics on Stan are also great too. 

You can see who has looked at what item you have on Stan and what day which is great for seeing what is the most popular and what your audience responds to most.

When you don't know what Digital Product to create ...

Think what you know something about or something you are passionate about and start with that. Remember you don’t have to know everything there is to know about the topic. You just need to know more than the group of people you are connected with or hope to connect with (through your SEO marketing) and the rest will follow. We have helped lots of people create digital products and even the less tech minded people have overcome some of their biggest challenges because they have a genuine interest or passion on what their Digital Product is based on. And don’t forget you always have The Content Vault here at to help you with Marketing Classes, templates and so much more, to help you get started the right way.

Who will buy your Digital product

So once you have decided what digital product to create and have uploaded it to Stan, now comes the task of finding peeople who want to buy it, right?

I always say that the easy part of being a Digital Income Teacherpreneur is the creation of the Digital Product. The not so easy part is the selling and this is where we have found Tik Tok to out perform x100 more than any other platform.

Firstly, to be able to add your link of your Stan Store you need 1000 followers or more. If you haven’t yet got there, consider our Tik Tok Next Level Content Pack, you can get it inside the Content Vault. The value of the Tik Tok Content pack is that it will help you build a credible audience of Tik Tok that is more likely to buy from you.

In this pack we have tutorials on how to identify and define your niche and then how to cater for that niche on Tik Tok. The marketing strategy on Tik Tok is not like Facebook or Instagram so if you are not sure how to do it, get the Content Pack.

Once you have 1000 followers on Tik Tok you can also go live and Tik Tok Favors Lives like nothing on earth currently.

This means that they push your content out a lot further when you do lives, which means your account and audience will grow faster.

But what is really important on Tik Tok, like most platforms is the quality of your Content. It needs to resonate with your audience. 

Tik Tok, push your Tik Toks to the first 5-10% of your followers. If they interact with it, like and comment on it, then the chances are, you will end up on the FYP page. 

The FYP page is the for you page.

Why the FYP page will help you to sell more of your Digital products online

Digi-teach actually ends on the FYP of all our followers 80-90% of the time. This is huge. Our following is quality and that is what we nurture more than anything else on Tik Tok and everywhere else.

If you have a followers who are not aligned to your content, they wont watch it and will actually do you a disservice because by not watching your content will indicate to the Tik Tok Algorithm that your content is not valuable and so they will not put it on the FYP which means a reduced reach for your Tik Tok account. 

So it comes back to quality not quantity. 

Tik TOk For you page

How to create your First Digital Income Product

For your first Digital product, it is a good idea to start small. You could create a simple workbook that solves a common problem in your niche for example. This could be 10-20 pages long and within that could add extra resources, such as how to tutorials or the tools and resources required to solve X, Y, Z. 

Infographs are very useful in workbooks because they help to illustrate what you are trying to show easily and add value to your teachings.

You could even create a mini course with 3-5 short videos of about 15 mins each and link these either to your youtube, if you don’t want to pay for a platform or on your own website, like we do. Keep your costs low and dont invest too much until you are ready to. And beware of hidden costs. In fact we did a great price comparison between a WordPress website and a course platform website. You can read about that here.

Whatever you choose to create, for your first digital product. What is important to remember is that it does not have to be perfect. What is important is to take action and actually do it. And when you do, let us know what you created.

If you found this article useful, please think about leaving a comment and sharing on your fav platform of choice. 


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