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How to use Tik Tok as a Small business Owner

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Tik Tok is literally the fastest growing platform right now and Instagram has every reason to be worried but how can this help you grow your small business or side hustle?

Tik Tok is growing fastest than ever and this is really good news for simple business owners like you and me because it is offering a bunch of amazing things to help you grow your business on Tik Tok. 

So if you are thinking how do I start on Tik Tok?

How do I use Tik Tok for my business?

How do I create Tik Toks without dancing?

How can I monetize with Tik Tok?

Then this blog post is for you …

The First one is the 1000 link gift. Once you get to a thousand followers on Tik Tok,  you are given the right to have a link in bio for anything and you can literally start selling your products or services from that link. All you have to is make a few Tik Toks a day about your business and voila! 

But!!! And this is a big but. Don’t come to Tik Tok with an Instagram content creation mindset. Tik Toks are all about stories not reels and there is a certain format that works well on Tik Tok. One of those is this:


I created a Workbook to help you with your first 30 days of ‘done for you’ content prompts, video tutorials and basically all the info you need to start monetizing on Tik Tok but first you need that 1000 followers and this Workbook will help you create the right content for Tik Tok to help you get there. Check it out here:

Tik Tok has now also brought out Pulse!! Which is another reason to get to 1000 followers and more …

Pulse is an ad payment option and creators get 50% of the ad revenue which is huge??? ( unlike Instagram or Facebook) How does this work? Well I made a little Tik Tok tutorial here for you.

In addition to that once you get to 1000 followers you are invited to join Tik Toks Creator next program. This is where they offer you special incentive programs, brand collabs and certain affiliate programs that are aligned with your Tik Tok account which is why the actual process of creating content on Tik Tok is carefully curated. If you have no idea where to start. Check out my Content Creation Flash Course which also has 365 templates for you to use on TIk Tok and all the other platforms too.

And lastly, Tik Tok have Tik Tok shops. You can actually have your own shop

promoting your own products or you can cross-promote. This means Tik Tok will give you access to their affiliate program and you can promote items like Dior (seriously) in your Tik Toks and actually be paid a commission if anyone buys from your Tik Tok shop.I have been invited to do this and it’s a really great way of continuing to build your audience.

My top tip would be try to keep it niche specific. I think like all things that works well and if you dont know how to do that, check out my FREE Masterclass inside The Content Vault.

Anyways, I am off to have fun and makes some Tik Toks oh and don’t forget to follow me on Tik Tok and say hi.

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