Elon and the future of Social media

What Elon Musk Plans for the future of Social Media

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Are your algorithm issues are soon perhaps to be over.

Now I know you probably all know by now that Elon Musk is about to acquire Twitter.

Everybody knows that, but did you know this?

It is his objective, Elon Musks, to put how the Twitter algorithm works in the public domain.

So this could be gold for business owners and marketers who are currently forced to pay to reach their audience currently and just when they get traction, oops! there has been an algorithm update. Sometimes it’s like trying to play a game of football when the goalposts are moved mid game! 

Already in Europe. If you look in their privacy documents,  big companies like Google, like meta,  have to disclose how their,  algorithms work.

If they don’t they can be fined up to 6%. Now, this has got me thinking, do you think this is why the CEO of Instagram is now removing hashtags or is stating that hashtags are no longer relevant for your content to be aligned with your ideal audience?.

Normally, when you are marketing wIth social media and you are using these social media platforms to market your products, your services, your business, to your clients, and your audience, you would use hashtags to help that audience discover your content and to push your content towards that audience. 

That’s how part of digital and social media marketing is done, with the hashtags. If you remove the hashtags then the decision making process of who sees the content itself rests with who? 

The algorithm?

Now let’s not be naive here. The algorithm is computer generated but the parametric’s of the algorithm is programmed by the human brain from a human brain deciding what those should be. 

So in short do you think Adam Mosseri, knew about this? 

Tell me in your comments below.

I think we need to bring hashtag  back but what do you think is going to happen? 

Do you think all of these major platforms are gonna play ball? 

Do you think they’re gonna really publish all of that info about the ELO room, which is gonna help us market, whatever it is that we wanna market better? 

Or do you think they’re gonna have a little hidden twist up their sleeve? 


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