Naming your Stan store

Naming Your Stan Store: 10 Top Tips to Increase Sales

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Naming your Stan Store: 10 Top MarketingTips to Increase Sales

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To give you a brief overview a Stan Store is one way that you can grow an audience and increase your sales online. In this sharable resource, we break down the following top 10 Top Marketing tips to consider when naming your Stan Store.

  1. What to name your Stan Store
  2. Domain Name
  3. Branding 
  4. Using your Own Name
  5. Make it human
  6. Keep it short
  7. Be unique
  8. Avoid General Names
  9. Avoid Location Names
  10. Storytelling

What is a Stan Store?

A Stan Store is an app that turns your link in bio, to an all-in-one digital store in minutes. Stan Store is mostly used by knowledge creators, consultants, coaches, and tutors to sell their own digital products such as classes,  courses, memberships, e-books, & phone consults. It works seamlessly with all social media platforms, takes about fifteen minutes to set up and is extremely successful in its conversion rate due to its simplicity and flawless design features which enable you to make money, literally from your Social Media. You can see why it is so popular. Read about all the Stan Store features here.

Stan Store Pricing

At $29 a month, a Stan Store is quickly becoming a fast favorite amongst online creators, coaches, tutors and professionals due to its competitive pricing that dissolves entirely the need for other clunky, expensive software alternatives like Clickfunnels. Stan Store is equally giving its current market competitor Shopify a run for its money due to the speed and ease that a Stan Store requires to set up and start selling compared to Shopify.

1)What to Name your Stan Store

As a Stan Store is used predominately on Social media, it makes sense to make sure that you check to make sure none else has the same social media handles as your intended Stan Store name, because you don’t want to confuse your audience with a similar social media profile name when it comes to naming your business with a  Stan Store.

2)Domain name

Whilst a Stan Store is great for selling digital products and services on social media, it also has one feature that redirects any visitors to your own domain or website either by using a lead magnet, blog post or simply by linked button. So is it important to consider the name of your existing website or business or one that works closely with it. 

For example, I own On Tik Tok, I am known as The Content Coach and one of my digital products is called The Content Vault.  Whilst the names are not exactly the same they are all relative and relatable and easy for social media scrollers to quickly understand the connections between them even if the names are not entirely the same.

3) Branding

The most unique feature in function of the Stan Store is how it has literally removed the middle man, in the online marketplace. Now creators, coaches, tutors and professionals can market themselves and sell directly to their audience making them, their consumers.  

Whilst you may think that websites also do that, the big point here is that most Stan Store users use the name of their Stan Store as their brand and they grow from there, so it is great for new business owners as well as to other established business owners who want to discover a new audience. 

If you don’t yet have a website or domain and haven’t yet invested time in search engine optimzation so that you are found worldwide on Google (something I strongly recommend you do), a Stan Store is definitely a good choice to make whilst you do build that search engine optimization up. 

Remember that Google is the #1 search engine of the world, so you do want your business and website to be found on it!


Personal branding is becoming more of a preferred choice factor in the consumer marketplace so remember, when naming your Stan Store to think of the bigger picture. Think of what brand you want to build or could build. What name is relatable to your audience but also represents your core services and products.

4) Using your Name

Whilst you may think that using your own name is a cheaper and more unique option to naming your Stan Store,  it could cause potential issues later on when creating other products or services or when you try to grow your business or brand. The flip side to this is that by using your own name to name your Stan Store which is technically representing your business on Social Media if you use your own name you have made the worldwide, digital announcement of who you are and what your business is. You may want to or indeed need to require anonymity at a later stage in life. So consider if using your own name when naming your Stan Store is a good idea.

5) Make it human

We can all drift away with the fairies, when it comes to content creation, especially when we want to be found on the first page of Google or on the For you page of Tik Tok, but remember when naming your Stan Store, that the users of Social Media platforms are people, not algorithms.

6) Keep it Short

Long names are often harder to remember and easier to misspell and mispronounce. Avoid that by naming your Stan Store, something short, relative, relatable, and unique!

7) Be Unique

As much as you can be. A strong Stan Store name will help you stand out from the crowd from other Stan Store users and also other businesses in your niche. Learn how to create unique content to engage your audience.

8)Avoid General Names

When Stan Store first launched, it was a keen favorite amongst Social media managers. Now many coaches and consultants of different niches use it. Surprisingly though, being as marketing is meant to be a Social Media manager’s area of expertise a simple search on Tik Tok will show that most Social Media managers have overlooked the rule of general when naming their own Tik Tok accounts and associated  Stan Stores.  They have used the general  Search Term Social Media … manager .. agency etc. as their profile name and have then chosen to do the same for their Stan Store. Whilst they have overcome this slightly when naming their Stan Store by adding their First name such as KatesSocialmedia or SocialMediawithkate, they haven’t added that ‘relatable’ factor in only the obvious one, primarily using their own name and secondly by using a Search Engine Optimization name (which  as I mentioned in point 3) 

Naming your San Store

and as a result, their profile is lost in the masses. Let’s face it, this is perhaps not the best evidence that you are an expert or even a specialist of Social Media if your profile and Stan Store hasn’t been optimized from the start. Search for The Content Coach and I rank #1 (of course), at the time of writing this post.


Naming your Stan Store

9) Avoid Location Names

If anything, the last three years have shown us the power of the online, marketplace, more so the power of the digital marketplace. The reason for that is location. Even if your business is a ‘local’ business and operates mostly ‘locally’ I would avoid naming your Stan Store with a named location. 

You can instead use a location in your Social Media profile if you really want to however that isn’t really required either because you can choose from Social Media settings on most platforms what type of connections you want to make, local or other. 

Instead, use the small word count in your profiles and name your Stan Store to help reinforce what your Stan Store represents, so what you will be selling or the niche that you are in. 

I recommend the latter strongly and this is the reason why. Let’s say you are an English teacher and you teach English to foreign students online. Your profession is a teacher, your services are teaching but your niche is the finer details and this is where you can rise above the other profiles. Your niche could be, Teaching English to Children Under 5, or Teaching English to Business Marketing Professionals or Teaching English to Chinese Stay at Home moms. The list goes on and the niches can do deeper and deeper. 

Now your services may be teaching online but maybe you also want to sell Digital products such as Workbooks and E-courses to support your students. Maybe you want to use your Stan Store to market yourself to Chinese students uner the age of five in China but you live in the US and want to teach children English in other timezones as well, so yu can get some sleep! If you use a location in your name when starting your Stan Store, you will massively reduce that option if not wipe it out altogether. 

Also, using a location in the name of  your Stan Store doesn’t allow for flexibility in natural life occurrences. For example you may live in Thailand now but let’s say in three years time you have children and move back to the Uk or the US, you would lost all the use od leverage of data that your Stan Store has brought you because you used a name in the location!

10 top tips before naming your stan store


Storytelling is a vital part of connection, We all relate to stories. They resonate with us and evoke emotion and memories. It is for that reason that professional marketers, weave storytelling into their sales pitches. Granted some are a little too cheesy or tell stories that are obviously so clearly made up that their intent to make you buy something has the opposite, intentional effect. 

However, some are just so good at Storytelling that you’re sold before you even realize. 

Think back to your most recent or indulgent purchase. Think of the sales process you went through. What was the main reason you bought it? And what was it that brought you to that product/service in the beginning? And what is it that sticks in your mind now when you think of yourself using that product or service? And there you have your answer. For each one of us, storytelling has a unique and personal connection even though we are hearing the same story. That is the power of Storytelling.

When you choose a name for your Stan Store, you have the golden opportunity of creating a character in your business and telling a story that sets you apart from your competitors.  To be successful these two marketing devices should be something your audience can clearly identify with and relate to. 

On this one, massive point alone, a Stan Store should really be in every business owner or professional, business ‘must have’ digital toolbox.

Get a FREE 14 day trial of Stan here and see how much a carefully named Stan Store increased your conversions and Income in the digital marketplace today.

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