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What is a Stan Creator Store?

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Be you a Content Creator, Social Media manager, Passive Income Geek, or a Freelancer that works within the online landscape, one of the most popular and fast growing online tools that is helping people make more money online  currently, is the Stan Store. This post will help you understand what a Stan store is and how you can use one to sell more online.

A Stan Creator Store, is an all-in-one-App that  converts your link in bio, to a digital store. 

A Stan Creator Store simplifies the buying and selling process of your digital products and therefore increases conversions.  A Stan Store costs $29 a month and can also feature automated calendar bookings, email list building, funnel building, paid membership enrolment and audience analytics.

What is a Stan Store?

Unlike most online stores, a Stan Store is very different because it has been designed for use on Social Media Platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook. As we all know these platforms have seen immense growth in consumer purchasing in the last few years which created the need for a unique social media selling tool, such as Stan.

With a Stan Store  a variety of options is immediatly accessible when someone clicks on  your ‘link in bio’. By presenting digital products and booking calendars on one screen, instead of having to jump from page to page and clicking on different links, like how a website works, the Stan Store is becoming  firm favorite by anyone that sells digital products online.

Stan Store
Stan Store

How does a Stan Store Convert into more Sales? 

Because people on Social Media are more likely to convert at a much quicker and higher rate because they can access all core offers immediately. This is a perfect example of direct response marketing and it is successful in this context because it goes hand in hand with the behaviour of most users on social media.

For example, when people use social media they know that they are going to scroll up and down a screen. That is what they are used to and a Stan Store works in exactly the same way. 

This means that a potential customers viewing is experienced as being inclusive of their actual  social media actions at that exact time instead of that expereince being interrupted by sending the viewer off of social media on to a website. 

This is crucial to customer conversion and the selling process which is why so many social media platforms have incorporated e-stores.

How a Stan Store helps you sell digital products

However those e-stores on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest take the viewer off the platform and onto a website which looks and feels very different to the social media platform that the customer was just on and that small difference, interrupts the scrolling experience. And instantly makes the customer aware that they are in a different virtual  enviroment and that is often all it takes for a customer to not convert into a sell. Think about how many websites you have looked at n your mobile phone that were awkward to use and half of the information missing or misplaced!

The other very important factor is that when you use these social media platform, e-shops instead of a Stan Store, you will find other similar products being marketed alongside yours. Which immediatly devalues your selling potential. Selling with a Stan store removes this possibility altogether and instead foregrounds your products and services.

By comparison the Stan Store mirrors, social media platforms so well, that its intergration for the customer expereince is flawless, making it non intrusive to the customer, making it more likely for the customer to convert and make a purchase.

Stan Store Digital Products

What can you sell on your Stan Store?

Features of the Stan StoreReplacesCost of Previous apps per monthPopular Uses
Mobile Optimized 'Link In bio' StoreLinktree$6.00All in one Single Screen view
Direct Sell of Digtial ProductsShopify$29.00Workbooks. Ebooks. Music, Downloads
Membership Enrolement Squarespace$24.00Courses / Community
Automated Calander bookingCalendly$10.00Consultations
Paid Appoitment bookingsAcuity Scheduling$23.00Paid Services
Email / Newsletter CRMConverkit$29.00List building / Lead Magnets
Funnel BuilderClickfunnels$297.00Low ticket to High ticket offers
Audience AnalyticsGoogle Analytics$29.00Audience Targetting
Total: $29Total: $447
Stan Store

How easy is it to set up a Stan Store?

Due to the drag and drop editor that is used with Stan Store, no tech skills or knowledge of website or app construction are required. As you can see from the image here, you simply drag your digital document or download into the ‘Upload’ window, give it a heading, a small description and price and that is it. We set up a Stan store as you can see here and after creating the digital products it took us all of twenty minutes from start to finish to set up our entire Stan Store. Pretty sure that would be impossible to do with a website for even the most skilled website designer.  


The benefits of a Stan Store

One of the big benefits of using a Stan Store with your Social Media platforms is that it is quick and easy to add digital products, booking calendars and affiliate products.

There are no contracts and no high subscription rates. At the time of writing this blog post a Stan Store costs $29 a month. No website hosting to pay or any other additional cost. 

Stan Store gives you really easy to understand, powerful analytics. In a glance you can see who is visiting what part of your Stan Store and what sales you have made. This is crucial for making informed decisions about what digital products to sell and how to further advance your digital income.

Stan Store
Stan Store Analytics
Stan Store Email List building

A Stan Store allows you to own your own audience

If you sell on any other platform like Amazon or Etsy, those platforms own your audience. They have their details and most importantly their email addresses. This means that the privilege to remarket to that audience is reserved by those platforms and not you!

The Stan Store has cleverly built in email CRM systems which means that YOU own your audience. With this feature you can choose to offer a FREE Lead Magnet to your audience or Cross sell or Upsell digital products directly to your client. Keeping all the profits of these sales to yourself instead of having to share a part of that with Etsy or Amazon who have in the last few years increased their percentage commission considerably. 

Who can set up a Stan Store?

Stan Store can be set up by literally anyone that wants to sell mostly digital items or online bookings direct from their Social Media accounts. Because of this a Stan Store is currently used and very popular amongst the following groups of people:
  • Content Creators
  • Social Media Mangers
  • Online Tutors
  • Authors
  • Course Creators
  • Teacherpreneurs
  • Digital Creators
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Consultants
  • Beauty Therapists
  • Personal Trainers
  • Gym Coaches
  • Business Coaches
  •  Real Estate Agents
   And the list grows everyday! 
We hope this Article has been useful to you. If so please leave us a comment below or feel free to ask any questions about Stan Store.


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