Teacherpreneur Courses

Teacherpreneur Courses: What Teachers, Tutors & Coaches need to know

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Teacherpreneur Courses: What Teachers, Tutors and Coaches need to know

Teaching and coaching others is not as simple as it sounds and Teacherpreneur Courses can enable a perfectly good teacher or  coach how to pivot into a business owner and successfully fuse the two together to become a Teacherpreneur. Teacherpreneur Courses teach how to create desirable products and services and most importantly how to sell them online. They show educators how to pack up their knowledge into a sellable commodity and they teach how to coach others which is why the question, ‘ Am I coachable’ is so important. It is not as easy as it sounds why is why those already successsful in the process often coach other teachers, tutors and coaches.

The BIG Teacher Tutor Mistake

It is the elephant in the room and it is the obvious assumption for many teacher ,tutor, coaches that goes  often unchallenged. It is clear that most teachers, tutors and coaches know a lot or know more than the average person in the street about a certain topic or topic area. They should they teach it BUT many have learned that ability to teach about said topic, in a school or University in a controlled setting for a controlled environment. Teacherpreneurs do not. 

But often because teachers and tutors have that knowledge and they are good at teaching in controlled situations they assume the online, business, marketplace is going to be a walk in the park. Nothing could be further from the truth. But because the teacher, tutors have that knowledge even when they know they need coaching, the big issue that hangs in the room is that element of coachability that one needs to have to become a successful Teacherpreneur.

Teachers, tutors and Coaches should ask themselves these three questions:

  • Am I coachable?
  • Do I take instruction well?
  • What do I need to do to adapt to being a student first, Teacherpreneur Coach second?

Once teachers, tutors and coaches who want to become Teacherpreneurs have asked themselves these questions honestly, and considered the responses they are ready to start their journey as a student to become a Teacherpreneur, acquire the new skills to harness their current knowledge and learn how to market it effectively in the Online Marketplace. 

Three Teacherpreneur Courses 

Teacherpreneur Courses
The Teacherpreneur Evolution System Course

If you are ready to commit to building a fully fledged online business, The Teacherpreneur Evolution System is for you. This was created on the actual blueprints of numerous successful online education businesses. 

The Teacherpreneur Evolution System was created to be run part-time but with a more than full-time income, generating multiple income streams.

The Teacherpreneur Evolution System provides you with everything from a domain, to a complete educational website which can take worldwide online bookings  for services as well as sell digital products.

With the Teacherpreneurs Evolution system you can start single handed and when you are ready to grow to take more tutors and coaches on to help you deliver your coaching worldwide, the inbuilt facility is there. Big features include seamless, International bookings systems with inbuilt payment processor, Online classrooms, membership systems which can be drip fed or not. Email CRM systems integrate into every aspect of your business functions and products and so much more. If you want to create a Professional,  Teacherpreneur Online Business, without the teach stack overwhelm for a running cost of $35 a month. This is for you!

In addition there is extensive training on branding, online digital and social media marketing using the successful Teacherpreneur Businesses as the blueprint. 

The BIG BONUS with this Teacherpreneur Course is that you can literally drag and drop all the website, funnels and marketing materials onto your computer, brand and go! 

The Teacherprener Evolution System Course is regulary updated to reflect the changes in the industries of marketing and educational tech.

Find out more about The TeacherPreneur Evoloution System Course here.

Teacherpreneur 21 day challenge
The Teacherpreneurs Course Challenge

This Teacherpreneur Course is a 21 day challenge and is perfect for the person that procrastinates.

Each day you are given access to a specific training, you must thereafter implement that training into your current or new business before the next days training is released.

Like all our Teacherpreneur courses they are structured to deliver but this one leaves no wiggle room. 

It’s a lower entry price but than The Teacherpreneur Evoloution System and does also include some free templates however not anywhere the amount the Teacherpreneur System has.

Find out more about the Teacherpreneurs Course Challenge here.


The Teacherpreneur Course Program Planner

If you are looking to create a small online program to sell online, then this is a simple workshop that will help you do just that.

This Teacherpreneur Course is ideal for those that want to spend a weekend creating a small, sellable course. Link it to your website or even a simple stan store and go.

This is great for starters, with limited time and money.

Teacherpreneur Market research

Do not ever skim on market research for your Teacherpreneur Business and if you haven’t yet started or want to gain clarity on what you should be doing, download our FREE Teacherpreneur Business Blueprint here.

Before we start, please be cautious of digital marketers often posing as ‘Tutor coaches’. These people have one objective and one only, to sell you a high ticket entry into an expensive software subscription. The bad part is that they are often skilled at selling and newbie Freelance teachers, tutors and coaches have often fallen for the honey pot – don’t get stung!

The Software we have used to run our online coaching business costs us $37 a month and includes, everything you need. From hosting and selling your own courses and digital products, to lead pages, website and all. It performs very well and comes with a FREE tech team too. 

You can get a $1 trial here and when you do, let us know over at: info@digiteachonline.com and we will tell you how to get the starter plan for that $37 a month.

Please find a 14 day trial with no obligation to continue should you choose not to.

When doing Market research there are three key areas to focus on.

The first one is what do your potential clients actually want? What do they need help with and how can you provide a solution to that.

The second focus should be on what your competition is doing. Don’t compare yourself to massive brands, because  their budget is going to be bigger than yours and their goals are also likely to be very different to yours. You will only be setting yourself unattainable goals by setting yourself up for failure. We don’t want that.

Instead compare yourself to competitors one step higher than you in the market place. Observe what they are doing and how their consumers are reacting. If you then discover that the majority of the consumers are only posting about buying x,y,z instead of their own results after working with that coach, know it’s a red flag, probably for affiliate marketers. 

Thirdly, observe current, past and upcoming trends. You can use Google Trends for this.

I would also look at highly active platforms like Tik Tok. Tik Tok is becoming a leader in the Social Media game and is a very good, free marketing tool. 

Developing Teacherpreneur Income Streams

If the pandemic taught the business world one thing it was this. A dynamic business model that can easily change to adapt to changes in the marketplace is more important than anything else. Some of the biggest brands in the E-learning Industry folded in the pandemic because their Infrastructure relied on one thing – manpower.

If you build an online business around 1-1 or group coaching only you are leaving money on the table as well as not fully developing your business.

A successful business has multiple income streams. When you create a Teacherpreneur Business you can do 1-1 or group coaching but you can also sell lots of other digital products and services that don’t rely on you being ‘somewhere’ every week at a ‘certain’ time. Overlooking this is a common newbie error which is where overwhelm comes in and even then business failure.

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Get FREE Templates to get you started!

I hope you found this useful and if so drop us a comment and also share with your teacher, Tutor Coach friends or anyone that is thinking about building a successful Online Teacherpreneur Business.

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