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Teachers are you making enough money?

If the answer to that is ‘no’ or ‘Not really!’ The chances are that you are probably relying totally on external providers such as large platforms, to get your clients for you – right? 

The problem is that they are:

1) Not your clients – they belong to the platform.

2) They are also providing  those same clients to other teachers too. 

If you are only looking to make a few bucks here and there from online teaching, then this is probably well suited to you; however if you are wanting to increase your income or earn more for less, then you are going to have to look towards option 3).

Option 3 – Is where you find your own clients. 

There are a number of reasons for finding your own clients, Here are just a few.

Which one or ones can you relate to? 

  •  You can choose your own hours.
  •  You can teach more hours. (International students – more timezones)
  •   You can earn more for less. 
  •  You can create your own curriculmn.
  •  You can choose your holiday time and not be penalised for taking it.
  •  You are not penalised for illness or family illness ( children) 
  •  You have the opportunity to grow and create more income.
  •  You can build up private clients whilst working for a platform.
  •  You can choose when to take time off.
  •  You can control what industry enviroments you are involved in, which can subsequently reduce any effects of adverse changes to policies. 
  • You can create resources that your students would like to buy.
  • You can decide what age of client you want to teach.
  • You can forecast your own income months in advance.
  • You can create ‘niche’ programs that you know your clients want.

Would you know how to start finding your own International clients?

Lots of teachers often state that they would like to find their own clients but they don’t know how to start.

If that sounds like you why don’t you take our FREE online lesson for Teachers that want to teach independently? 

It’s pretty simple, to do. Just fill in the box below and get it delivered directly to you straight away.

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  1. Miranda Lorenzana says:

    I am interested in finding my own clients.

    1. Digi-teAch says:

      Hello Miranda, thank you. We open the course again in a few days, have you subscribed to the website, like this you will be sent details.

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