Hashtag Heaven Tracker Notebook


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So you’ve taken our Hashtag Heaven Masterclass and now you are ready to start tracking the growth in your Social Media accounts – we got you!

The Hashtag Heaven Tracker Notebook is a simple, paperback, notebook (easy to keep alongside your phone) that is going to help you keep a serious note of what is working and what is not with your own Hashtags. Don’t forget what you learned in our Masterclass about hashtags and how that relates to your accounts.

Hashtag Heaven Tracker Notebook is ideal to help you track what hashtags you are using, which ones are having a positive effect on your business growth through your socials and which ones are not.

Because if you don’t track it – it won’t grow!

Hashtag Heaven Tracker Notebook is part of our Business Productivity Stationary range, designed to help you increase your productivity by keeping things smart and simple.


Hashtag Heaven Tracker Notebook helps you to be more productive and comes in the following format:

Binding: Paperback – easy and light like your phone!

Size: A5

Page count: 200 pages printed on high-quality white paper.

Cover: A modern and attractive, light gloss, to keep your hashtags glowing.

Available worldwide, delivery worldwide 3-10 days from order.