The Teacherpreneurs Notebook


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Every budding coach, teacher, tutor or course creator needs The Teacherpreneurs Notebook, it’s more than lines ….

Every Teacherpreneurs Notebook is printed to order and is internally structured to help you create your lessons effortlessly.

Each double spread features a page for Ideation followed by a formatted lesson creator, complete with prompts and structure boxes to help you master lesson planning effortlessly but in a structured format, easy and ready for you to use.

Ideal for online or offline Teacherpreneurs who are building online courses, teaching lessons or who have coaching programs.

The Teacherpreneurs Notebook is part of our Business Productivity Stationary range, designed to help you increase your productivity.


The Teacherpreneurs Notebook helps you to create 120 Individual lessons and comes in the following format:

Case: Hardbacked, so your hard work is better protected from everyday life.

Size: A4

Page count: 150 pages printed on high-quality white paper.

Cover: A modern and attractive, light gloss, to keep your ideas shining.

Available worldwide, delivery worldwide 3-7 days from order.