What is the best microphone for teaching online?

2020 was the year that the entire world moved their education amongst many other things online! 

In this article we review the three most typical microphones that people consider before buying as well as considering three not so obvious factors before choosing, the best microphone for teaching online.

When teaching online there are some very essential pieces of kit that you need in order to teach online effectively but one of those item just cannot be over looked and that is the audio.

If you have ever sat through an online meeting or tried to listen to a live streaming or YouTube video with bad audio, it makes the experience one that you do not wish to return to. If you are an online teacher, this is the NO.1 factor that you want to avoid at all costs.

What the three common types of microphone?

Typically, people often opt in for on the following types of audio:

  • A lapel, clip on microphone.
  • A microphone built into a headset with speakers.
  • A condenser microphone that could be hand held but often mounts onto a metal boom arm.

However when looking to buy a microphone there are other options that need to be considered other than esthetic appeal.

The best microphone for teaching online
The best microphone for teaching online
The best microphone for teaching online

What to consider when buying a Microphone

When looking to find the best microphone for teaching online there are various factors to consider before price and they are as follows:

  • Where are you going to be conducting the lessons? Will you be in a large open room, a closed classroom or a small home office. The smaller the room the better the acoustics will be, meaning less echo and less of a rebound or tinny sound.
  • Are you going to be moving around a lot in the lessons? For example if you are a yoga or dance teacher that is taking your lessons online, a headset or boom arm isn’t going to be the best option. You would need something that moves with you. So a cordless mic or a lapel mic would be better.
  • Are you going to be recording or streaming your lesson via your computer camera or an additional camera? This will determine the length of cable you will need.
  • How close are you going to be to your computer or camera when conducting the lesson? 
  • Are you going to be sitting at a desk, relatively close to the computer or are you going to be a few meters away from your computer or camera?

All of these factors are relevant and need to be considered so that you choose the right type of microphone to suit your use. Bear this in mind whilst you watch our review  video below where we review the three types of microphone to determine what is the best microphone for teaching online.

  • A lapel mic by Purple Panda.
  • A Mapow headset with inbuilt microphone.
  • A Sudotac Cardioid microphone.

We reviewed these microphones:

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