Discover the top 5 items every online teacher has to have in 2021

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Discover the top 5 things that every teacher has to have in 2021 …. Whilst everyone and their nan seems to have become or wants to become an online teacher or tutor in the last twelve months, many teachers have been teaching online for well over a decade. Discover the top items in this post that every online teacher has and find out why they use these items.

Obviously to start with you are going to need a device of some kind to connect to the internet. Whilst iPads might seem like a handy choice they are not always the best choice as they can offer reduced visibility to their size as well as not providing the most comfortable experience for the teacher. 

That is why most online teachers opt for desktops or laptops. Whilst budget might be the main factor that you may have in your mind right now, think of the items that you are going to each day to work with as not only helping you to complete your job but also helping you to look after your health. So dont go for the smallest screen money can buy – your eyes will thank you later. 

We find the Lenovo a really good starter laptop. Not only is the screen a decent size at 15.6″ but it has 8GB or Ram instead of the average 4. Here is a brief breakdown of what it offers:

  • Impressive AMD performance and multiple ports will satisfy you
  • The full-sized ergonomic keyboard and number pad are comfortable to use and comfortable & FHD (1920 x 1080) display helps reduce eye strain
  • The V15’s productivity, security, and reliability are a gift to your IT department
  • Keep your business data safe with the V155’s Software (SW) Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
  • AMD accelerated processing units, abundant memory, and optional AMD graphics



However if you prefer mac and want a nice size on your desktop whilst you work across multiple windows at the same time, which is pretty average in the online teaching world ( and no that is not so you can have youtube playing whilst you apparently teach!!!) then fo for an iMac. 

Being mac users ourselves at Digi-teach HQ we are obviously biased where mac is concerned. One of the reasons we love the Apple Retina is the screen size and functionality. With an iMac you can work quickly and easily across multiple windows on the desktop without issues. Add a little bit of extra memory ( which slots nicely into the back of the iMac in about 10 seconds are you are set to use some of the most memory draining apps and softwares on the digital planet to make your lessons rock! But more about those another time ….

I had to break this next travesty to you but your laptop or even you wonderful inbuilt apple camera is not going to be goof enough for online teaching.

Whilst you may think that you look pretty hot and clear in the image without any snapchat age defying filters … (tut, tut, we know) you would be mistaken.

Inbuilt computer cameras are too low resolution for online teaching and can make you look blurred or even grainy to the other person that you are teaching.

Also there is the potential security issue. When you use the built in camera it’s always on and recording or streaming until you switch it off meaning that if in front of the camera you might just get caught eating that cheeky cookie in-between lessons which lets be honest, isn’t too pro! 

Opt for the Yoroshi 4K webcam. Price wise it sits in the middle to lower end of the price bracket (phew) I hear you say … Not only can you record or stream in 4K resolution but it also has that privacy cover that you will be pleased you got and well as having the full rotatable functionality.  It’s a must have for teaching online.

Now lets get to the audio.Some people think again that their computer audio is going to be enough. It isn’t and others think they need to spend over £100 on a flashy little yeti because … that’s what they think all the you tubers use. Well actually most you tubers use a mic on Cardioid  mic on  a boom stick or a condenser mic. 

But for online teaching you will pleased to know that you can escape the flashy mics ( unless you want one of course) and use a simple, noise reducing headset. There are a few reasons for this.

1) It reduces noise in your environment – even white noise being picked up and disturbing your students concentration not to mention tinging your professional look.

2) With a headset and mic, your voice and pronunciation is much clearer to the student therefore producing a really standard of audio for your student.

3) You can also use the headset mic for recording voice overs and YES even a youtube channel.

4) Best part – the price. This one is a Digi-teAch approved headset, setting you back not even a thord of the cost of a yet. We are using this particular one in the office here and three years one, its still going strong no problem. 

The last of the top 5 items every online teacher has is a great desk. Now this like the other main items that online teachers have and use each day should not be skimped on! How you sit all day will affect both your physical and mental health. A few years ago in the office we changed the traditional desks for well a digital one and we wished we had done it sooner. True it’s going to cost you more than the cheapest ikea option but you are also looking after your back, neck, circulation, heart, wrist and arms … probably a lot more with a digital desk. Why? 

Because you are not obliged to sit at the same height in the same way hour after hour, day after day. Go and ask any doctor when you have hurt your back or if you have had back ache and the first thing they will say is .. Well we were not designed to be sitting down all day in front of a computer. However. Today most of us do!

So invest in yourself, your health and your work and get a digital desk.

We like this one as it goes up and down. You can stand for some of the day ( do a little jig when no-one is looking) flex those legs and stretch those feet and arms and just generally move.

Being bale to sit at different heights is also a bonus depending on what you are working on and of course being able to plug your gadgets and your phone into the side is great for freeing up the USB’s on your computer.

So there you have it, the top 5 things that every online teacher has to have in 2021. Plus be kind to yourself. 2020 was quite possible one of the worst years in history for lots of things but it made us all think that health is important. So be kind to yourself and look after yours.

Please do like and share this post with any online teacher and tutor. 

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