How to get Private Online ESL Students from China

How to get

How to get private, online, ESL students from China for your own tutoring business is often the wish of many online ESL tutors that want to become online freelance tutors. In this post you will discover six key elements to help you start marketing yourself the right way in this ever growing market.

It has often been the belief from many that the big firewall from China stops tutors being able to market themselves online to potential chinese students … but this article is going to blow that myth apart! 

1. Develop a content marketing plan

The first thing you need to do is create good content to market yourself with. This coms way before anything else and is potentially your biggest and strongest lead magnet in itself.

As you can see from the screenshot below from one of our tutoring sites analytics, the country that viewed (and consequently) made the most amount of bookings in this month (January 2021) was from China!

How to get

Not only does this blow the myth of the ‘you can’t to market to Chinese people in China because of the firewall’ out of the water but it also blows those spammy marketers who keep telling you that you don’t need a website to set up an online tutoring business! I think this info graph from google analytics clearly proves that both of those concepts are clearly, very, very wrong! 

2. Stop banging on about 'niche'

I think that part of the attraction of the content marketing used in this strategy was that it did not contain the word ‘niche’ in it and that is because that is such an OVER USED strategy that even people that can’t speak English very well but want to learn are also fed up with hearing it. Which brings me to my next point.

3. Create original, interesting and relevant content that serves people

Why? Because in order for those ‘people’ to become your clients you are going to have to show them what value you can give them. What will they learn? How will they learn? What is your style of teaching? All these things matter which is why marketers that tell you that posting on Social media, writing blog posts, creating youtube videos and doing few other things to showcase your teaching talents, also have no idea what they are talking about. 

4. Use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

If people are telling you that SEO is dead because of the facebook pixel! You may want to find out more about the data war currently going on between Apple® and facebook®. Fact is Google has always been quite good at helping people do the one thing, you should be doing if you want to get Private, Online, ESL students from China and that is be in control of your data! Once you are (so you need a website for sure) you can work on placing yourself and your business directly in front of the clients you want to when they come to good old Google to look for an ‘online English tutor.’ One of the reasons why some freelance tutors fail  is because they don’t invest time and effort in SEO amongst a few other things.

5. Join an online tutors directory

There are many online tutors directories out there. Many are saturated and others are just wanting to cash in on your bookings with a fat commission. Why not join the FREE Digi-teAch, private tutors directory.

6. Learn what you need to become a Teacherpreneur

Although having experience and qualifications to teach is great, it isn’t enough to create your own online teaching business. You will need to learn new skills to do this. Especially if you want to save money. We have written a great book that’s an easy read to give you a few more tips and methods on how to get Private Online ESL Students from China and you get it on Kindle from amazon too. Or if you want a fast track to creating your own online tutoring business, join the Teacherpreneurs members.