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What is the Teacherpreneur course


It is a course to show you how to START and RUN A TEACHING BUSINESS.

In it I share best business practices in areas such as pricing, fees, marketing strategies, program packaging, negotiation techniques, how to obtain new clients, defining your niche, branding and positioning, etc. WHY?

Because, believe it or not students are bored and exhausted with the typical, educational factory treatment. They want nich, they want detailed lessons with content and most of all they want a teacher that can provide that week after week. This week as the new term starts we have seen nothing but emails confirming the next months paid subscription from our students. It does not matter what subject you teach online but know that you can do it.



Providing specific content and resources for your students is something again that they want and they are willing to pay for it. As long as you are providing content that is full of value and relevant to your students, you will find them prepared to pay for that.

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