Who most freelancers fail

Why most freelance tutors fail in online tutoring

Are you thinking of going Freelance - Discover why most freelance tutors fail

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Why so many Freelance tutors fail when they decide to go Freelance …. With so many online teachers leaving teaching platforms in their droves due to low lesson and bookings rates and many others seeking online teaching work due to Worldwide lockdown, many are seeking out the route of freelance tutoring. But what should a newbie freelance avoid and how should they cut the competition in an industry that has had the biggest boom alongside e-commerce this year so they get booked and busy? Read on to find out more ….

Unbelievably, the biggest fail that most tutors get when they go freelance is in their ability to not invest in themselves. Many tutors believe that being an expert of their subject matter is enough to get private students in their droves and this is just simply not the case. To be successful in online tutoring as a freelancer you will need to learn or update your digital marketing and social media skills amongst a few more. This article will reveal the core elements of what you need to learn to be successful in 2021 as an online freelance tutor.

Getting your own students are the biggest issue most freelance tutors have when they want to go freelancing and doing that online is comparatively easier than you may think, discover how in the next section.

Firstly freelance tutors need their own lead pages, funnels and websites. There is a difference between each one and their function and ALL are really worthwhile having if you want to freelance despite online marketers telling you that all you need is a social media account and here is why.

Lead pages are a great way for you to offer something for free (which is called a lead magnet) in exchange for the interested persons email address and name. Once you have that you can start building a relationship with them to see if they would be interested in your services as a tutor. Chances are if they opted into your lead magnet and signed up for your free book, masterclass, etc … that they will be interested in what you have to offer.


Lead page

A website works in a different way and we think that the best way to optimise your website as a freelance tutor is firstly through SE) (search engine optimisation) which is one of the most effective way to find online students as they always search Google first. If you have no website you are not going to be appear in Google searches. The second great function of a website is that you can host your online lessons on it, sell ebooks to students and even access to courses that you write. This is a great way to build that income. 

A funnel is similar in function to the ideal journey you would as a shop owner want a client to take when they walk into your store, going from entry, to choosing a product than paying for it. However in a typical store there are many products to choose from. When you use a funnel you remove the option of competition from other competitors and also yourself, is you sell or offer too many items for sale.

 Choice is the biggest element of confusion when a client is in the ‘shopping’ mode. We call it ‘multiple choice paralysis.’ Think to when you have been shopping and had so many choices that you have to leave the shop or website to go back later after you have ‘made up your mind, which one to buy.’ The funnel works to remove this possibility by streamlining the clients online journey to one single destination, one single product. As per the info graph above. You have probably been in many funnels yourself and not even noticed.

So most freelance tutors fail in online tutoring for themselves because they do not realise that online marketing is a profession in itself and if done correctly can be very fruitful for those that invest in themselves and their business. So what is the answer to not failing as an online freelance tutor? 

The answer is to take some really good training and at Digi-teAch we have developed two courses uniquely for online tutors to help them with exactly these elements and a lot more.

We offer a 30 day challenge which helps tutors understand more about digital and content marketing and shows them what to do in 30 days – putting into action a clear plan. See the Teacherpreneurs challenge for more on that.

We also have the Teacherpreneurs Evolution programme  hich is a lifetime access programme which teaches teachers and tutors everything they need to know for their online tutoring business. from getting their own students with digital marketing and social media ads to writing their own content for courses to even business accounting. There is also a super section on life after teaching which shows you additional ways of earning online using your expertise as a teacher. See the Teacherpreneurs Evolution programme on that.

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