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10 Home Office Gifts: That will increase your comfort and your productivity

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I have been working from home for the best part of ten years now and there are some things that I just will not live without in my home office.

Today I am sharing ten of my ‘must have’ essentials that have made such a difference to my well-being, my comfort, my productivity, my health, and of course, my pocket! When you add that all up, it only goes to say that all those positives have made my work better too.




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If you have ever thought that cheap and cheerful for an office chair is a good investment, think again. Before buying this chair I thought I had a pretty decent office chair. It was soft,  and looked the part. How wrong I was. After buying this ergonomic office chair within three days, months of stiff necks, twister shoulders and backaches literally disappeared. I really cannot ephasise enough how important a good chair is that supports your neck and shoulders. The arm supports can be moved, lowered, ad turned. So this desk chair can fit literally any desk height. It has a spring-loaded height suspension too. 


The Epson Eco-tank is one of theeeeeee most popular home office printers. This epson printer is a scanner, photocopier and printer but the bonus comes with refillable ‘bottled’ ink! Say bye-bye to ink subscriptions and hello to 10,000 sheets a bottle.

Swap bunions and corns from being squished into hot, sweaty, high-heeled work shoes  for some home office, comfy, memory foam sherpa slippers. Trust me you will never go back!


When I first bought these, it was for online teaching. I needed lighting that was good at any time of day and something that I could adjust. These light five years on are still going strong. You can adjust their strength of light, white light yellow light, weight and pivot. 

Quite simply our bodies were not created to be sat all day in front of a computer. But you would be surprised how five to ten hours a day can impact your health. This adjustable desk is perfect to make sure you get a goof balance of sitting and standing throught out the day.

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