How to Create a Contentpreneur Strategy to Increase Online Sales

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Does this sound familiar?

You’ve followed all the accounts on Tik Tok and other social media platforms that have social media coach in their bio and you are watching all their content, with every spare second you have because you think you are learning what content you should be creating to increase your online sales.

 Someone, somewhere convinced you that writing blogs and good website copy was a waste of time because only short form video content works?

When you look at the content you have created, you are happy with how you are progressing as your content looks professional but deep inside you  know that most of the storylines and hooks that you have used in that content are almost direct copies from a content creator whose videos you thought was a success because it had 500K views. But yours is still stuck at 300.

You feel like giving up because this is all hard work but you dig deep and carry on because secretly, what you really want is to not to have to look like a supermodel 99.9% of the day with a ring light in front of you but to drive more traffic to your website and see more people buying what ever it is that you are selling whilst you sit at home, looking a comfy mess! 

Am I right?

If this sounds like you then make sure you check out my Secret Contentpreneur Strategy after reading this but for now let’s see how I create a Contentpreneur Strategy to increase my online sales.

What is a Contentpreneur?

A Contentpreneur is someone who creates content as part of a content marketing strategy to increase sales for a business and or brand.

Contentpreneurs are often business owners who create  content in different forms such as blogs, articles, short video content and social media posts to promote and grow their own business or brand.

Think like a Contentpreneur not an Influencer

The use of in-app filters, green screens and special effects are great fun and they can definately improve how you create your content but at the same time they can also help you get too attached to the persona of celebrity star influencer instead of business owner. This is a common mistake made by many small business owners and freelancers which is accounts for the loss in targeting.


When you create content as an Influencer the form of the content itself is very different to that of a Contentpreneur. Influencer create content to attract online customers and it normal ends there. 

What is the difference between a Contentpreneur and an Influencer?

The role of an influencer is to raise brand awareness, to connect with an audience, to be visible in the competitors marketplace. The style of content created by an Influencer is moulded by their own personal style not the brands. As a contentpreneur this process is almost reversed.


The role of a Contentpreneur is a lot more dynamic. A contentpreneur must create content that reflects their brand whilst attracting customers, time and time again with every piece of content. The pillars of content creation as a Contentpreneur are in some ways less likely to change because as a Contentpreneur creating content for your own business and your own website, you want to keep reinforcing the  use of the same brand colors, brand message, and marketing methods within your marketing strategy.


If you are actively creating specific content that is not targeting your audience, your content creation efforts will be in vain.

Create a Unique Strategy to attract online customers

When you are creating content for your own website, remember to keep thinking like a Contentpreneur. You are extending the role of an Influencer and deeping the effects of the content created as a Contentpreneur.


A unique strategy can be achieved by fully researching your audience, yout niche and your competitors. It is a trilogy of research methods that need to be constantly practised to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors.

For short form content like reels, Tik Toks and Idea Pins, avoid using the same storytelling hooks that other competitors are using. Ideally you should script out 30 hooks or subject scripts for each piece of content (one per day). If you struggle with knowing how to do this, check out my next Level Content pack here.

You can then repurpose these on all other platforms manuallr or using a software like Repurpose this helps you to maximise your reach without multiplying the workload.

I  avoid storytellings scripts that start: 


How I became a 6 figure earner by …..

Buy this now to …….. 

Make thousands with ………

Like, comment and share for more …..


The reasons I avoid using phrases like this in my content is that social media platforms and search engines consider it clickbait. 


Content that is flagged as Clickbait can result in having your facebook® ad account suspended or closed, monetization rights removed or simply blacklisted by platforms like Google which means your content will never rank. 

On a creative level and as a Contentpreneur, I also think that these sorts of storylines lack creativity and authenticity. Being authentic and creating unique content will enable you to grow a niche-specific relationship with your audience a lot more quickly.

Get Creative with Copy

When you are creating content for your own business. It does take time and one thing i have noticed over the ten plus years that I have grown businesses with content is this.

Short form, video content like reels etc. has its place and is useful and can bring traffic to your website. But your content can become invisible very quickly and overtime is almost impossible to see.


Written copy, like blogs, articles, sales pages and funnels rank more over time. So as time goes on they have more change of ranking on Google not less. And in my experience, the days of waiting months for Google to rank your content if it is good enough are gone. Good content can rank on Google within a matter of days or weeks now.


For proof, I recently started another website and in 30 days, with writing content three times per week, Google brought over 2,200 new eyeballs to my website, all for free.

Google Console
Google Analytics

Copywriting is what sells everything. Whether you are selling products or services from your website, you will be using some form of copywriting.

Copywriting is the text on your sales pages, your sales funnels and the description, titles and captions that you to use in your product listings. I am sure you have read a product listing before and have instantly wanted to buy it based on what was written, alongside the picture of the item / service.  But knowing how to write compelling product listing, copy for sales funnels and even blogs, is an accomplished skill. But if you need a hand use this little tool here. It will help you to create professional copy without the copywriters price tag.

Articles and blog posts also contain copy and within that copy, you should be all the time as a Contentpreneur positioning your content to be aligned with what your visitor wants. This is what keeps your visitors interested, engaged and loyal. 


The vast majority of visitors that come to my website here spend anything from 6-15 minutes per visit. That is above the average according to Google. In addition to providing your visitors with what they want, it also tells Google that the visitors in (Your niche) are interested in this Content so Google does two things. 


Firstly Google shows your content to more people by making it more visible. Lots of my content ranks on page 1 of Google (thank you Google 🙂 and secondly it helps you as a business owner understand more about the relationship between your content, your business, and your audience/visitors.


Google helps a lot with this by giving you access to a free Google tool called Google console. In Google Console, you can see if your written content is being visited, when, and why. So you will learn more about SEO which is Search Engine Optimization, Keywords, and an entire host of other factors that can help you to create better content as a Contentpreneur.

Analyse your Data

If you look at the analytics of your content on any platform it will tell you what is working and what is not. I think this is Gold. Pure Gold. Because data never lies and this is how you can start to delve deeper into the multiple processes within your content creation, this is where you need again to think like a Contentpreneur and take relevant actions that are going to grow your business and brand.


In business, successful business owners make informed decisions, not emotional ones. They look at the facts and the data. Not how pretty a model is in a piece of content.


If the data is telling you something is working, do more of it.


For example, at one time on Tik Tok, really short videos, with overlying text that included the keywords of the content were getting the most reach. So for a few weeks until this changed I created nothing but short content on that platform.


This content was 7.38 seconds long.

To date has had a total playtime of 1170h:4m:31s

Has reached an audience of almost half a million in 6 different countries

And therefore won the right to be on the Tik Tok For you page at a ratio of 100%


See the Tik Tok Analytics for yourself here for this content.

Tik Tok Analyitcs 1
Tik Tok Analytics 2
Content Analytics from Tik Tok

Preparation is the Key for success

Once you have completed the simple steps above, you have to sit down and hardcore plan. There is no other word for it. I am a great fan of planning content and it has allowed me to grow multiple business with content and I do it all a100% myself.


Preparation if the key to success because with it makes you stop, sit and think deeply about what content you are going to create instead of just grabbing yout laptop or phone and blurting anything out.

How to Plan Content like a Contentpreneur:

  • Keep focused on the task at hand.
  • Saves you time. If you know what you need to create because you planned it, it’s 100 x easier.
  • Enables you to build interelatable forms of content that can help your business grow in multiple areas.
  • Provides you with an audit trail of what you had planned and why. This is crucial so you can see what your successful content was and what wasn’t and why.

I created a planner that is unique for content planning and it has helped my business so much.

I also think it is a very nice coffee table addition which is helpful because I think of much better content ideas when I am relaxed on the sofa with a coffee.

Don’t be scared to experiment

Before I really understood how to create content that sells, some, not all, of  my most successful content  had been when I thought it was the worst. When I looked at the data and saw how much the content was liked and shared, I was pleased that I had decided to experiment. 

I really do think that it is important to use the frameworks of how to create the content technically but to inject it with your  own personality,  style and message.

It is important to use trends to see how you can pivot and create your own content from it

And staying original without 

Content that resonates with your audience is what you want to strive to achieve. Content that builds and nurtures relationships is where the sweet spot is. You will know when this happens because your notifications from social media or Google will tell you , alongside orders from visitors.


As you progress along your journey of Contentpreneurship your marketing message will change due to the products / services that you are selling. As your marketing message changes so will your strategy but the underlying structure of any content creation to increase sales will build on the structure I have outlined here.

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