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20 ESL niche teacher tools for teaching kids English online

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If you are already teaching English online or are considering teaching English online as an additional side income or as a freelance ESL tutor business, you will want to know what ESL teachers everyday in their online English classroom.

To teach English or ESL (English Second Language) to children online there are a few ‘must-haves’ and I have listed twenty essential ESL teacher tools for the teaching niche of  ESL to Chinese students. 

Whether you are teaching English to Chinese students as a freelance tutor or are working with a Chinese ESL platform you will need everything listed below. Obviously if you already have your own laptop and desk, you can omit those. But Chinese platforms expect a high level of professionalism when teaching English to Chinese students and so do Chinese students (and their parents.)

So have a read and if you would like to know more about how to teach English online and how to pass the ESL teacher mock tests for Chinese platforms and / or how to work as a Freelance ESL teacher as well / instead of, consider taking our quick, How to teach English online for beginners course.


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One of the most important teaching tools for teaching English online is the teacher headset with a built-in mic. This one I have had this for over four years now and it is still going strong. The headset is noise-reducing so perfect for teaching online and the microphone is really good, as good as my Yeti Snowball, in some ways, I have to say. The mic is adjustable and produces a really nice, clear, crisp sound which is perfect for your English students to hear your perfect English pronunciation.

This teaching whiteboard is literally gold. It is another invaluable tool for teaching online. You can write on it with whiteboard pens which are great for explaining with bigger pictures of arrows. You can stick your wall charts on it, you can decorate it with paper for certain themed, ESL lessons or simply use it as a place to decorate your online teacher classroom.

As a niche teacher, you want to make sure that your students can see you and any of the ESL teaching resources that you have. So don’t rely on the camera of your computer to do so.  This camera is easy to plug in with its USB connection and will give you 1080p of glorious definition.

This book will make the perfect complement to our, How to teach English online beginners course. the TEFL lesson plans for dummies show you how to create your own TEFL lesson plans which you are going to need. Creating original and interesting ESL or TEFL lesson plans are the perfect way that you can demonstrate your expertise as a niche teacher, teach more niche specific lessons and even create esl lessons for your own English teaching business. This is a great place to start but you will see how you can easily transform your ESL lesson plans into an online course and sell that as a stand-alone digital product to increase your income.

Quite simply our bodies were not created to be sat all day in front of a computer. But you would be surprised how five to ten hours a day can impact your health. This adjustable desk is perfect to make sure you get a good balance of sitting and standing through out the day.

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