What course should I take to become a Teacherpreneur? To become a Teacherpreneur you must know what subject you are going to teach or educate others in as well as having the relevant skills and knowledge that most entrepreneurs have so that you can execute and successfully create and sell your own products and services in the commercial world. Teacherpreneurs often take courses in digital marketing and e-commerce.

How do you become a Teacherpreneur?

Most Teacherpreneurs share a combined skill set which blends those that entrepreneurs posses  along with those that skilled educators, teachers and tutors already have. Combined, they are a rich skill set that can be undervalued in their separate professional environments. This is often why people become Teacherpreneurs.

To understand what course someone should take to become a Teacherpreneur, it is important to recognise the most important skill that successful Teacherpreneurs have.

Successful Teacherpreneurs are good learners. Whilst this may not surprise you, teachers and tutors are often so used to teaching that they are renowned for not being great learners themselves.


Successful Teacherpreneurs are successful because they have allowed themselves to be trained and mentored in the subject areas they are the weakest in. They have taken courses in areas they know they are weak in and are required to be stronger in, to be successful in the world of entrepreneurs. Although this seems very logical, it is surprising to learn the vast amount of people that try to go into business online and start online businesses  without any former knowledge, experience or training. These are often the businesses that fail.

Whilst teachers and tutors are specialists of their own subject areas, when they first start their Teacherpreneur businesses, they often need training in digital and social media marketing and e-commerce. These are constantly changing and evolving areas. And for those who do not come from tech educated backgrounds, website and digital, course curriculum.

Being open to accepting training, taking courses and even mentoring is an attribute that not many people who are starting their businesses often consider important. But those are the people that are still a few months later, if not years later, still scratching their heads trying to figure it all out or trying to cobble together the end products of freemium’s that just don’t solve the problem or create a clear pathway of learning. This is why taking the relevant course is important.

This is why we created the Teacherpreneur courses.

Firstly, the Teacherpreneur courses have been created on direct blueprints of educational business structures that work in the niche of online education.

The methods and techniques within them have been created in collaboration with some of our  partners who are leaders in the e-digital and social media marketing world. And as a result of this, these techniques are regularly updated to reflect changes within the digital marketplace, so that the methods stay relevant and up to date.

Digi-teAch® offers three different courses currently which you can choose from, to train yourself to become an online Teacherpreneur.

The Teacherprener Discovery Programme
The Teacherpreneur Discovery Course

The first programme is the Teacherpreneur Discovery course. This course is FREE and is a short series of trainings to educate people on what being a Teacherpreneur is as well as the various options of business structures available. Not all Teacherpreneurs sit online teaching lessons.

In fact, few actually do, most create language schools, courses and an array of online products and services as previously mentioned.  This a FREE Teacherpreneur course and is a good place to start.

Teacherpreneurs challenge program
The Teacherpreneurs Challenge

The second course is the Teacherpreneurs Challenge. This programme focusses massively on lead generation and marketing.

It is a 21 day, online course that gives you the skeleton structure of an online teaching business for lead generation and processes of automation complete with templates.

Each day training is delivered online and a practical task is set after each training to effectively use that training in your own online business. It is a great concept as it forces those that take the course to actively take action and implement what is learnt in their own online businesses.

This programme trains Teacherpreneurs in the 21 day program how to find their own online clients / students using digital and social media marketing. Within this programme you learn how to build your own lead pages, create email lists and sequences and how to create and run facebook® ads as well as how to create an online curriculum – all, on automated processes.

The teacherpreneur Programme
The Teacherpreneurs Evolution System

The third course is the Teacherpreneurs Evolution System is a course for those that need digital marketing and e-commerce training across multiple platforms in various forms as well as professional training in creating multiple products and services to gain multiple streams of Income. 

This course is for people that have a vision for growth and are motivated to grow beyond a small business. Business branding and learning how to monetise with global brands are also taught in this program.

Due to the nature of the modules in this course. This program also provides private mentoring and coaching sessions with Alison Mcrobbie, who is the creator and founder of Digi-teAch online and works closely with major platforms.

If you are unsure which course you are best suited to, to become a Teacherpreneur, we strongly recommend taking the FREE Teacherpreneurs Discovery course and perhaps joining our live Zoom Q&A meetings.


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