Many people who are broaching the idea of becoming freelance, often worry about the one thing no freelancer or business can do without and that is leads!

I am always quite shocked to learn that this is in fact one of the things that puts people off as actually it is one of the easiest things in business to achieve, if you structure it right.


Clients from any niche want the same thing. Good quality and a decent quantity for the price. That converts simply into value.  However the larger business’ get, the more these three elements are affected and in many cases, it only takes one of those three factors to expereince problems before the others are affected like a pack of dominos.

This is where freelancers and small business revel. Because freelancers and small business’ are often self trained in possessing ‘stacked’ abilities –  they often avoid critical issues or see problems way sooner than larger ones. This obviously means that they can address issues far quicker, resulting in customer satisfaction being less affected – generally speaking.


So what are ‘stacked’ capabilities?

Quite simply a person that can turn their hand to a number of tasks and / or is not afraid to learn new ones to solve problems. Solopreneurs and freelancers are good at this as they recognise four key elements:

  • They will get a better insight into the problem and the solution – thus extending their own knowledge and self worth.
  • They will more often than not solve the problem faster which equates to happier clients.
  • They can identify what changes need to made to make sure it doesn’t happen again and implement them.
  • They don’t form part of the ‘It’s not my job’ mentality!

If you need further examples, think of some of the biggest organisations you know  – I can think of a few. Those business’ that have grown so big that it takes about half a day to sort out getting through the extensive, touch 1, touch 2 menus. And even after you have explained it all and then submitted a ticket to a bot somewhere, the issue still hasn’t been resolved.

How many times have you thought; How can a company this big be so bad at communication! Well there you go.

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