The Ultimate Business Niche list: Over 500, Online Business Niche ideas [2022] to Make Money Online

The Ultimate Business Niche list: Over 500, Online Business Niche ideas [2022] to Make Money Online

Discover over 500 plus unsaturated business niche ideas and niche markets to make money online in 2022.

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Thinking of starting an online business but want to make sure it’s successful? 

Then this post is for you.

The biggest hurdle for most people when they want to start an online business is in choosing the right niche. Choosing the wrong niche for you, could be a total waste of your time, energy and money. By reading this post, you will have a better idea of what a niche is and how to choose the right one for your online business.


What is a niche?

A niche is a term, often associated with professional marketers and it is used to describe a specific area or segment within a marketplace or industry.

A niche market, is an even broader segment of that industry that is identified by certain or similar preferences and demographics.

An example of niche could be:

Asian children under five, located in London, who need to learn British English vowel pronunciation from a native, British teacher.

So the ideal Niched business for this niche could be:

An online English teacher who is either a British native or has a near British accent who specalises in teaching Asian, Under 5’s, English pronunciation. Just think of all the extra digital products that could go along with that!

Another example of a niche could be:

Dog Owners located anywhere in the UK, US and EU under 40 years of age, who have Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

A good niche, online business for pet owners for example,  could be a private members only club for owners of bull Staffordshire terrier dogs. Products could include dog training, dealing with aggressive people on dog walks ( due to bad press on these dogs), tips, info and special offers (affiliated products)  to keep your dog healthy. Ears and back legs are common health issues with Staffordshire terrier dogs for example!

Find out more about niche products for online businesses here.

How to find your niche

Why do I need a niche?

Choosing a niche for your online business will allow you to launch an online business and grow faster initially by allowing you to target a specific audience. 

By doing this you will learn more about your niche or target market which will help you to understand the buying behaviour along with other important demographics, that will help you make better conversions and sales, related to your niche market.

Commonly, niched markets share the same or similar clusters of demographics which make them easier to sell to and easier to predict.

Compare a small business owner or freelancer to a company like Amazon. Amazon can sell thousands of products because they have millions to spend in market research and business development. Small business owners do not.

So, a niche allows you to start small and grow big whilst also building a reputation for being a specialist or the ‘go’ to person in a certain area.

Are Niches different for offline and online businesses?

I would say, yes. Offline niches tend to be either locally based or sell a product that is 100% essential, like a toothbrush. Often the big difference between offline and online niches are their ability or not to mass produce services or stock upon demand.

Most offline niches will have a ceiling due to the cost of the product, cost of delivery, business size and business cashflow. 

An example, a family business is located in a small seaside town in France. They sell handmade olive oil. There niche is locally based people that prefer locally made, organic farm foods. This business owner can sell locally with a 100km radius due to limitations of employees and delivery and production costs.

Within offline and online niche businesses there is also a difference between online businesses that sell physical products direct to the consumer and niche online businesses that sell services and digital products online, direct to consumer.

Differences between Niche Online businesses that sell physical products or services

Clearly an online business that sells any physical product regardless of their niche is going to have more  business costs to account for. 

Drop shipping is a good example of an online business that is niche specific. Have you ever landed on a website that has sold only a few products? These are what we call, niche stores. They know what their audience wants and they often sell those products at volume direct to consumer. These sorts of businesses often tend to be niched products that are bought in from Asia from companies like Aliexpress and sold at a higher profit, or create niche products through POD.

POD is short for print on demand. Niche e-stores in Print on demand are numerous but they are also very competitve. Niche e-commerce stores often have huge advertising costs due to the competition. A good example of a successful print on demand store would be the Oodie® – I bet you have seen one of their advertisements on social media before!

Niche online businesses that do not sell physical products often sell services and from that they also sell a host of digital products. These can often be online courses, masterclasses, ebooks, templates, community memberships. Niched digital products can be as successful and in many cases more successful than niche drop shipping stores and there is one reason for this. 

A seriously, well researched niche.

If you find a niche that you have well researched, you will often to be able to create services and digital products that serve the audience within that niche.

For example, for, we serve the niche of freelancers or people that want to start online businesses based in educational services or products, in short e-learning.

We are successful in this niche because we had worked in it for many years as an employee before building and growing our own online, educational businesses and brands. Whilst doing that we share our knowledge, tutorials, affordable resources and professional time-saving tools with our audience in our niche.

We have been able to set ourselves apart from competitors that provide this knowledge with one key fact. Are businesses are brands and they operate today. Whilst we do sell some online courses, our income is  mostly generated from our own brands not from selling online courses.

This difference is highly recognised in the online business industry of niche teaching and has enabled us to build and sustain a good relationship with our niche audience.  

How to find my online business niche?

To find an online business niche that is right for you, it’s generally a good idea to consider three things:

  1. Identify what you know something about ( more than the average person) or are passionate about.
  2. Research well the industry that, the niche relates to. Observing key trends (Use google trends).
  3. Identify the commercial viability of that niche. Can you create interesting Info or digital products that relate specifically to that niche.

On this post we have created a searchable service based niche table. There are over 700 different service areas and we will continue to keep adding to this.


How to find a good online business niche?

Use our Ultimate Niche Finder table below. We have listed over 720, niche specific online services. There is a search box in the right hand side of this table for you to search a specific niche if you wish to.

Look through our Ultimate Niche finder Table and see what services you know something about. When you find it, it will pop out at you! 

From that start doing the research as listed in the point above: ‘How to Find my Online Business Niche’. 

Research can involve looking on google for online service based businesses or digital products being sold online, Interacting in Facebook® groups, searching for keywords related to that niche on Tik Tok and other social Media platforms such as Pinterest.

It is important to research where your niche audience generally spend their time on Social Media. Not everyone uses Tik Tok, not everyone uses Instagram etc. 

When you find where your niche audience resides, interact with them, listen to them and research into what they would like in a digital product or course.

You can then start to think about what digital products and or services you could create that your chosen niche audience would benefit from. This post here will help you with that.

How to pick a profitable niche?

Despite what a lot of guru marketers will try and tell you about some niches being more profitable than others, know that ‘the riches are in the niches!’

Once you have found your online business niche, you will be able to generate income from it by creating online niche related services, courses and digital products. If you know your niche audience well enough, the profits will come.

The big bonus with online niche businesses that sell uniquely services and digital products is in the ability to start small, create a digital product in a day, start selling and learn as much as possible about that niche audience.

Then go back to the drawing board and improve the niche product, again and again as time goes on and as you gather more information about your niche audience and online niche business.

How to Plan your Online Niche Business?

Obviously, we do have a digital product that can help you with a lot in planning your online niche business and a whole heap of other things also. All can be found in our downloadable, Teacherpreneurs Business Plan Workbook.

It will help you simplify the processes required to start an online niche business with  step-by-step actions, to  help you fully research your online niche business. Plus a few other secret bonuses!

Niche planning is the ultimate key to niche business success!

The Ultimate Online Business Niche Finder

Service Type
Administrative Assistants
Appointment Setters
Bilingual Book converters
Bilingual Teacher
Business Plan Services
Cold Callers
Customer Service Representatives
Data Entry Services
Data Entry Specialists
eCommerce Management Services
Email Handlers
Executive Assistants
Google Docs Experts
Google Sheets Experts
Graphic Designers
HTML Developers
Internet Researchers
Intuit QuickBooks Specialists
Microsoft Excel Experts
Microsoft Office Specialists
Microsoft Outlook Specialists
Microsoft Word Experts
Personal Assistants
PowerPoint Experts
Research Assistants
Social Media Managers
Virtual Assistants
Chatbot Developers
Creative Writers
Etsy Administration Specialists
Etsy Shop Manager
Etsy Shop Designer
Etsy Creative Designer
Excel VBA Developers
Financial Analysts
HubSpot Specialists
Lead Generation Specialists
Legal Researchers
LinkedIn Specialists
Musical Composition Specialists
Paralegal Professionals
PDF Converters
Pitch Deck Writers
Presentation Designers
Real Estate Virtual Assistants
Sales Representatives
Smartsheet Specialists
Tax Preparers
Web Scrapers
Zendesk Specialists
Zoom Video Conferencing Specialists
Online Receptionist
Virtual Sales Representative
Online Data Entry
Virtual Customer Service Representative
Accounting & Bookkeeping
Analysis, Valuation & Optimization
Applications & Registrations
Arbitration & Mediation
Business Consulting
Call Center & Calling
Career Counseling
Compensation & Benefits
Customer Care
Customer Success
Customer Support
Deal Development
Digital Marketing Projects
Domain Name Research
Employee Learning & Development
ESL Teacher - Adults
ESL Teacher - Preschool
ESL grammar teacher
French Teacher
French Teacher
Maths Teacher
Tech Teacher
File Conversion
Financial Consulting
Financial Forecasting & Modeling
Flyer Distribution
Full Package Qual & Quant
Game Concept Design
General Legal Advice
General Online Research
General Project Services
Graphics & Design Projects
HR Consulting
HR Information Systems
Interview Prep
Interviews & Focus Groups
Lead Generation
Lead Qualification
Legal Consulting
Legal Disputes
Legal Documents & Contracts
Market Research
Music & Audio Projects
Online Trading Lessons
Organizational Development
Performance Management
Personal Finance & Wealth Management
Planning & Setup
Procurement & Vendor Management
Product Research
Product Upload
Programming & Tech Projects
Project Management
Search & Apply
Skip Tracing
Store Management
Strategy & Planning
Supply Chain Management
Talent Acquisition & Recruitment
Tax Consulting
Video & Animation Projects
Writing & Translation Projects
Online Course Creator
Online Logo Maker
Online Researcher
Online Business Manager
Teach Online
Virtual Recruiter
Local Business Marketer
Amazon Virtual Employee
Product Reviewer
Business & Financial
Cloud Based Solutions
Computer Vision
Data Analytics
Data Engineering
Data Mining & Scraping
Data Processing
Data Science
Database Administration (DBA)
Design & Optimization
Formulas & Macros
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Graphs & Charts
Marketing & Sales
Planning & Supply Chain
Product & UX
Ranking & Recommendation
Surveys & Research
Text Analysis & NLP
Time Series Analysis
Adobe Creative Suite Freelancers
App Designers
Campaign Managers
Content Creators
JavaScript Developers
Joomla Developers
Microsoft PowerPoint Producers
Motion Graphics Designer
Pitch Deck Freelancers
Prezi Presentation Freelancers
Product Designers
Social Media Consultants
Wireframing Freelancers
2D Animators
2D Designers
2D Game Artists
3D Animators
3D Designers
3D Modelers
3D Product Animation Services
Adobe After Effects Experts
Adobe Illustrator Experts
Adobe InDesign Experts
Adobe Photoshop Experts
App & Website Promo Videos Services
Audio Engineers
Audiobook Narrators
Banner Ad Services
Banner Designers
Book Cover Designers
Book Design Services
Brand Strategists
Brochure Designers
Building Information Modeling Services
Business Card Designers
Caricature Artists
Flyer Designers
Game Design Services
Illustration Services
Infographic Design Services
Instructional Designers
Logo Designers
Mobile UI Designers
Packaging Designers
Photo Editors
Photo Retouchers
Podcasting Freelancers
Poster Designers
T-Shirts & Merchandise Design Services
Video Producers
Web & Mobile Design Services
Instagram Marketers
Amazon FBA Specialists
Conversion Rate Optimizers
Data Scrapers
Database Programmers
Microsoft Access Consultants
Network Engineers
Power BI Consultants
Product Managers
Product Marketers
Salesforce App Developers
Tableau Experts
UI Designers
UX Designers
Web Designers
AngularJS Developers
AWS Developers
C# Developers
C++ Developers
Chatbot Services
CSS Developers
Data Analysis & Report Services
Data Visualization Consultants
Database Services
DevOps Engineers
eCommerce Development Services
Front End Developers
Full Stack Developers
Golang Developers
HTML5 Developers
Machine Learning Engineers
Magento Developers
Mobile App Developers
MySQL Developers
Online Coding Lessons
Python Developers
QA Services
React Native Developers
Ruby Developers
Ruby on Rails Developers
Rust Developers
Scala Developers
Shopify Developers
Software Developers
Software QA Testers
Support & IT Services
Unity 3D Developers
Vue JS Developers
Web Developers
Web Programming Services
Website & CMS Software Services
WordPress Development Services
Ad Review & Optimization
Ads Setup & Management
Advertising within Podcasts
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliates Recruitment
Analytics & Tracking
App Promotion
App Store Optimization
Audience Development
Audio Advertising
Book & eBook Marketing
Campaign Creation
Campaign Marketing
Campaign Setup & Management
Cold Emails
Community Management
Competitor Analysis
Consultation & Audience Research
Content Strategy & Research
Display Advertising
Ecommerce SEO
Email Automations
Email Marketing
Email Platform Support
Event Marketing
Events, Conferences & Awards
Full SEO Package
Google My Business
Growth, Partnerships & Monetization
Guest Posting
Influencer Marketing
Keyword Research
Link Promotion
Local Citations and Directories
Management & Engagement
Marketing Funnels
Marketing Plans
Mobile App Marketing
Music Promotion
Music Streaming Services
Native Advertising
Off-Page SEO
On-Page SEO
Organic Promotion
Paid Advertising
Planning, Strategy & Setup
Playlists and Placements
Podcast Marketing
Podcast Promotion
Press Release Pitching
Profile Setup & Integration
Program Strategy & Setup
Promoted Listings
Public Relations
Search Engine Marketing Management
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Setup & Strategy Consultation
Shoppable Content
Shopping Ads
Shoutouts & Promotion
Social Content
Social Listening
Social Media Marketing
Sourcing & Recruitment
Strategy & Research
Technical SEO
Text Message Marketing
Tracking & Reporting
Video Ad Campaigns
Video Promotion & Distribution
Video SEO
Voice Search SEO
Web Traffic
Website Promotion
2D Drawing
2D Drawings & Floor Plans
3D Garment Design
3D Modeling & Rendering
Album Cover Design
AR Filters & Lenses
Architecture & Interior Design
Backgrounds & Environments
Book Layout Design & Typesetting
Brand Style Guides
Brochure Design
Business Cards & Stationery
Car Wraps
Cartoons & Comics
Catalog Design
Character Design
Character Modeling
Concept Design & Sketching
Concept Development
Diagrams & Mapping
Dieline Design
Email Design
Fashion Illustration
Full Design Process
Game Art
Graphics for Streamers
Headers & Covers
Icon Design
Industrial & Product Design
Invitation Design
Jewelry Design
Label Design
Landing Page Design
Landscape Design
Logo Design
Menu Design
Packaging & Label Design
Pattern Design
Pattern Making
Photoshop Editing
Planning & Design
Podcast Cover Art
Portraits & Caricatures
Postcard Design
Product Manufacturing
Props & Objects
Prototyping & 3D Printing
Resume Design
Signage Design
Social Media Design
Social Posts & Banners
Tattoo Design
Technical Drawing & Tech Pack
Thumbnails Design
Trade Booth Design
Vector Tracing
Virtual Staging
Web Banners
Website Design
Create Printables
Freelance Artist
Arts & Crafts
Business Tutoring
Cooking Lessons
Craft Lessons
Dance Lessons
Dream Analysis
Family & Genealogy
Fitness Lessons
Game Coaching
Game Sessions
Greeting Cards & Videos
Language Tutoring
Life Coaching
Local Advisors
Love & Relationships
Math Tutoring
Meal Plans
Modeling & Acting
Online Tutoring
Personal Stylists
Postcards From
Science Tutoring
Shipping Services
Social Sciences Tutoring
Trip Plans
Workout Plans
Flip And Sell Items Online
Stock Image Photographer
Makeup Consultant
Online ESL Teacher (Teach English Online)
Virtual Health Coach
Become A Travel Agent
Audio Ads Production
Audiobook Production
Backing Tracks
Beat Making
Composing & Soundtracks
Dialogue Editing
DJ Drops & Tags
DJ Mixing
Ghost Production
Jingles & Intros
Loops & Kits
Meditation Music
Mixing & Mastering
Music Transcription
Online Music Lessons
Phone Systems & IVR
Podcast Editing
Producer Tags
Producers & Composers
Radio Ads
Remixing & Mashups
Session Musicians
Singers & Vocalists
Sound Design
Sound Effects
Synth Presets
Video Games
Videos & Films
Vocal Tuning
Voice Over
Voice Over Coaching
Addons & Customization
App Customization
Application Improvements
Assessment & Penetration Test
Backup & Migration
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
Browser Extensions
Bug Fixes
Business Website
Code Review
Coins & Tokens
Compliance Services
Convert Files
Convert PSD
Convert Site to App
Convert to a Fillable Form
Convert to an eBook
Convert to an Editable File
Convert to Another File
Custom Application
Custom Website
Cybersecurity & Data Protection
Cybersecurity Management
Decentralized Applications (dApps)
Design Review
Desktop Applications
Development for Streamers
Email Template
Event Website
Exchange Platforms
Full App Creation
Full Game Creation
Full Website Creation
Game Development
Online Store
Performance & Security
Performance & SEO
Portfolio Website
QA & Review
Setup & Installation
Software Testing
Technical Support
Theme/Plugin Installation
User Testing
Web Application
Website Builders & CMS
Website Development
WP Installation & Setup
Amazon Seller Central Experts
BigCommerce Developers
Brand Managers
Explainer Video Freelancers
Google Cloud Platform Freelancers
HubSpot Freelancers
PHP Developers
Spreadsheet Experts
Squarespace Developers
Webflow Freelancers
WooCommerce Developers
Search Engine Evaluator
Adwords Experts
Amazon SEO Experts
Content Marketers
Crowdfunding Services
Domain Research Services
eCommerce Marketing Services
Facebook Marketers
Google Analytics Consultants
Google Tag Managers
Internet Marketers
Link Builders
Local SEO Services
Mailchimp Freelancers
Marketing Automation Experts
Marketing Consultants
Marketing Strategists
Mobile Marketing & Advertising Services
Pinterest Marketers
PPC Specialists
Search Engine Marketers
SEM Services
SEO Audit Freelancers
SEO Experts
SEO Services
Social Media Advertising Services
Survey Services
Video Marketing Services
Web Analytics Services
Web Traffic Optimization Services
Yoast SEO Freelancers
YouTube Marketers
Ecommerce Coordinator
Pinterest Assistant
Selling On Amazon
SEO Specialist/Online Marketer
3D Product Animation
Animated GIFs
Animation for Kids
Animation for Streamers
Anime Music Videos
App & Website Previews
Article to Video
Beauty Retouching
Book Trailers
Character Animation
Color Grading
Conceptual Videos
Corporate Videos
Crowdfunding Videos
Dance Videos
Drone Videography
eLearning Video Production
Game Trailers
Intros & Outros
Isometric Explainers
Live Action Explainers
Local Photography
Logo Animation
Lottie & Website Animation
Lyric & Music Videos
Lyric Videos
Match Moving
Music Visualization
Performance Videos
Product Photography
Real Estate Promos
Screencasting Videos
Short Video Ads
Slideshow Videos
Spokespersons Videos
Spotify Canvas
Subtitles & Captions
Unboxing Videos
Video Templates Editing
Visual Effects
Whiteboard & Animated Explainers
Whiteboard Explainers
Video Editor
Call Center Agents
Children's Book Illustrators
Excel Experts
Fashion Designers
SEM Specialists
Twitter Marketers
Wikipedia Specialists
Zoom Video Specialists
Ad Copy
Articles & Blog Posts
Audio Ads
Beta Reading
Book & eBook Writing
Book Blurbs
Book Editing
Book Proposals
Brand Voice & Tone
Business Names & Slogans
Case Studies
eLearning Content Development
Film & TV Screenplays
Game Writing
Grant Proposals
Grant Research
Grant Writing
Job Descriptions
Kindle Niche Research
LinkedIn Profiles
Meditation Scripts
Podcast Content
Podcast Show Notes
Podcast Writing
Product Descriptions
Proofreading & Editing
Script Coverage
Short Stories
Song Lyrics
Video Scripts
Resume Writer/Career Coach
Freelance Translation
Freelance Writing
Write An Ebook
Academic Writers
Article & Blog Post Services
Article Writers
Biography Writers
Blog Writers
Business Plan Writers
Business Writers
Comedy Writers
Content Writers
Copy Editors
Cover Letter Writers
eBook Writers
Email Copy Services
Essay Writers
Fact Checkers
Fashion Writers
Fiction Writers
Legal Writers
Localization Services
Lyrics Writers
Medical Writers
Online Language Lessons
Online Writers
Press Release Services
Press Release Writers
Proposal Writers
Report Writers
Research & Summary Services
Research Paper Writers
Resume Writers
RFP Writers
Sales Copy Services
Sales Writers
Scientific Writers
Scriptwriting Services
SEO Writers
Social Media Copy Services
Speechwriting Services
Technical Writers
Transcript Services
Translation Services
Travel Writers
UX Writing Services
Website Content Services
White Paper Services
White Paper Writers
Wigwam Designs
Tiny Homes Designs

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