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Making Money as a Freelance Teacher of English Online

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Are you a certified English teacher who’s looking for an exciting and rewarding freelance career? Teaching English online can be a great way to make money and help students learn the language. Find out how to get started with this comprehensive guide to freelancing in teaching English online.

Research the Market: Look at What English Courses are Available Out There already

Before you get started with your freelance teaching career, you need to gain an understanding of what kind of English courses are available and which ones have the highest demand. Taking a look at different job postings for teaching can give you a better idea of what employers are looking for and what knowledge and credentials they require from potential employees. Additionally, researching the market will help you understand the current trends in demand for English language tuition and what qualifications you may require. If you are a complete beginner, consider taking our Beginners guide to teaching English Online course. In it you will learn about how to start working as a Freelance English tutor and also how to work online for foreign teaching platforms.

Create a Detailed, Practical Curriculum for Any Level of Student

Starting an online teaching career requires you to create a detailed, practical curriculum that caters to all levels of English learners. Depending on the student’s level of English proficiency and their goals, you should be able to tailor course material so that it challenges and engages them. As part of your preparation for effective online teaching, consider curating supplemental activities for your students such as games or other interactive materials. This can help make the virtual lessons more engaging and effective. Discover how you can create lesson plans in minutes with our handy AI Niche lesson creation tips.


How to teach English to kids online

Set Up an Attractive, Usable Website for Prospective Students to Locate You

When transitioning to freelance teaching and working remotely, it is essential that you create a website for prospective learners. Your site should be user friendly, organized, and look professional. On the homepage of your site, include information about yourself and your background as a teacher. Also list what services you offer, such as one-on-one tutoring or group classes. Make sure to include testimonials from students on your website if you have any so potential students can get an idea of what it is like to work with you. A website is key building a successful career as an online English teacher. Here you can host and sell your English courses, resources and even workbooks. Most importantly when you have your own website, you can increase and multiply your streams of revenue. Consider joining our Teacherpreneurs Membership to help you with creating your online teaching business.

Design Engaging Lesson Plans That Help Your Students Succeed

Planning engaging lesson plans that keep students engaged and motivated is important for success in teaching English online. Each student’s progress should be continually monitored and evaluated to ensure their individual development is moving at the right pace. Imagine them as a blank canvas that you are helping build into a masterpiece – add exciting ideas such as games, roleplaying exercises, trivia quizzes, etc. Keep your classes entertaining while challenging and make sure to leave time during class for students to practice by speaking aloud and participating in conversation.

Learn how to market yourself with Social and Digital Marketing

Social media has made being a freelance tutor so much easier today. In fact social media has changed how teachers interact with their students online and how they can market themselves. Tik Tok, Facebook and Instagram provide remuneration for English teachers that create winning content. Find out more about that and how you can grow your freelance English teaching business as a content creator, with the ESL content Vault.

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