The ESL Content Vault

Why the ESL Content Vault is the secret weapon for Freelance English Teachers

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When you’re a freelance English teacher, marketing yourself and your services is essential. You want to stand out from the crowd of other teachers in your area so that people will hire you instead of your competition, especially In a competitive marketplace like the ESL Industry.

However, the problem with most marketing strategies is that they take up a lot of time and energy without actually providing any results. In this post, I’ll tell you about my secret weapon for marketing myself as an ESL teacher: The ESL Content Vault

The ESL content Vault

If you are already a freelance English teacher or want to get into the ESL game, one of the top skills you need to develop is how to market yourself.


A lot of people think marketing is just about selling, but it’s not. Marketing is actually a skill that can be developed and improved upon with practice.


If you want to become an English teacher or freelance English teacher, one of the most important things you should learn is how to market yourself and your services. As a freelancer, you’re in charge of getting your own work—and if no one knows what kind of service you offer or how good at it you are, then there won’t be any business for you!


Marketing isn’t about being pushy or aggressive; it’s about reaching out to the right audience with a clear message as often as possible (in order to reach them). This means knowing who your customers are and what they need before making any sort of contact with them. It also means putting yourself out there through social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook so people can find out more about what services exist outside their immediate circle (or “bubble”).


You may be thinking “But I’m an ESL teacher. That’s my value in the market… NOT marketing! Why do I need to learn how to market myself?”

Content marketing is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business. It can help you build an audience of potential students, turn them into paying customers, and earn you a sustainable income as an ESL teacher.

However, it’s not enough just to create content—you also need to promote it in order for people to see it. You have to be seen as an expert in your field if you want them to take you seriously at all! That’s why there are so many marketing strategies out there: because they work!

But how does one find the time for this? How can we start promoting ourselves when we’re already so busy teaching classes and preparing lessons? The answer is simple: by using the ESL Content Vault system like mine at Teacher TalkTown!

How effective is your current marketing strategy?

If I asked you this, could you clearly explain your strategy, in defined steps?

  • Do you have a clear goal in mind for your marketing efforts?
  • How much time do you spend on marketing each week?
  • What results have been generated from your marketing efforts so far?

To help you stop wasting time on fruitless marketing strategies and help you spend more time doing what you love, I’ve created the ESL Content Vault.

The ESL Content Vault is a complete content marketing strategy that helps you save time and get more clients, from marketing to lesson planning.

It’s an idea I have been working on for years, but I only recently decided to give it a name when I realized how much value it could bring to the lives of other English teachers after seeing the success of my own online ESL business.

The main purpose of the  ESL Content Vault is to help you stop wasting time on fruitless marketing strategies and help you spend more time doing what you love: teaching English!

ESL brand

Introducing… The ESL Content Vault ( Get the Early bird Offer here)

The ESL Content Vault is a collection of over 300 resources that you can use to not just create engaging lessons for your students but also learn my keystone marketing strategies that are not based not on some untried marketing theory that sounds good in a webinar but on  a ‘real’ successful online ESL businesses like my own ( see results above). This is the sort of growth I get from using the resources and methods that  I am sharing inside the  ESL content Vault. Imagine what they could do for your business.

The ESL Content Vault is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to building an online presence as an English teacher. It includes professional templates and tutorials for Marketing and Social Media, lesson plans, worksheets, and activities that you can use to save hours of time as you grow your freelance business, levitate your online presence , build your audience and gain paying students along with the all-important income!

This ESL Content Vault will teach you how to:

  • Connect with the right people on social media.
  • What to avoid at all costs.
  • Find clients who are willing to pay in advance rather than after the completion of the project (or at all)
  • Current Marketing Strategies that I have used to build my own successful ESL brand that is monetized by platforms like facebook® and Instagram®.
  • Unique professional templates that work as they have been designed uniquely for the ESL market, saving you hours of time and expense every single week!
  • How to create your own resources to sell online from your own website.

How do I use my ESL Content Vault?

The ESL Content Vault is a treasure trove of pre-made resources, templates and tutorials such as ESL activities and worksheets. It can help you get started right away with creating content that is ready to use in your classes, in your own digital products and also in your own marketing.  Once you log in, you’ll find the following:

  • Over 365 marketing templates: Whether you’re looking for a slightly more formal template or something more casual and fun, there’s something here for everyone! These include everything from general marketing, to niche coaching for business students, to specialized templates created to convert. 
  • Over 100 ESL worksheets: If videos aren’t really your thing but writing resources are more your speed, then this section will be perfect! We’ve got everything from business emails to grammar exercises—and even some ideas on how to make them into games that will keep students engaged while still practicing English skills.
  • 10 + ESL Powerpoints/Keynote presentations: Do your lessons involve slideshows? This section has presentations prepared and ready to go—all designed specifically for Freelancer English Teachers like ourselves who want our lessons looking sharp!
  • Over 15 marketing and content creation tutorials: No need for fancy cameras and backflips, you will learn how to create conversion compelling content that burns a trail behind your online presence! 
  • Digital Product Creator Tools: Interested in increasing your income or defining your ESL brand? Then our special tools that are free to you inside the ESL content Vault are going to help you set yourself apart from the crowd with professionally finished products that your students will want to buy.
  • BONUS: Tik Tok Mastery! If you thought Tik Tok was all about dancing and pranks, think again. You will learn how to use the fastest-growing App to springboard your ESL business into another dimension.

You can market yourself as an ESL teacher without losing hours of time each week on social media.


The ESL Content Vault is a treasure trove of resources that you can use to market yourself as a freelance English teacher.


The vault has hundreds of articles and resources that you can use to market yourself, get more clients, and grow your business. Learn how to make money online as an ESL teacher, find out the best ways to get started teaching English online and build your brand.


The ESL Content Vault is a digital resource that will not want to be without if you are a freelancing ESL professional. It allows you to create and share content in a variety of formats. You can use it to schedule posts across multiple social media platforms, as well as create blog posts and YouTube videos.

 The ESL Content Vault also has valuable tutorials so that you learn your audience’s preferences so that you don’t waste time on content they will never engage with again.

Get Early Bird Special offer price to the ESL Content Vault here

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